Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love to dance

Dancing is what Emi loves the most ;)

..... still snowing, we went to Vermont last week, it was beautiful

my beautiful friend Aneta

I am working on my new kit - see you soon ;)



Jitka, Most said...

Huráááááááááááá! :)
and wonderful photos! :)

MediterrankaDesign said...

So beautiful photos!

Kirsten said...

Oh wow such beautiful photos!!


Gabby said...

Wonderful photos!

Beauté said...

Emi is a pretty dancer! great photos! hugs!

Tyson Sieger said...

Whoa, Emi can be a great ballet dancer in the years to come! The way she poses is stunning, and she does them with powerful emotions. Also, you shared some pretty amazing photos. :)

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