Monday, June 14, 2010

Winners and coupons ;) !

lo by Jimena

Hello hello ;)
Summer is here. My summer started sad. Hopefully it will be better now.

here are few announcements I would like to make:


We picked the lucky girl who bought our collab kit "Cute as a button" during the happy hour
her A5D nick name is : sternenfunken78

Congratulations !!! I will send you an e mail with 100 % discount to my store !


3 lucky winners are :

I would like to thank you for all the comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wining gorls - pleas e mail me so that I will send you coupons !


Our collab "Cute as a Button" will be available only till Thursday
then we will sell our parts separately ;)


For all of you who are sending me e mails regarding CT position ;)
I am so sorry that I can't answer all of your e mails but
as of today I don't look for new girls to add to my team, I keep your emails though for the further.


If you would like to use my photos from Mily Photography to make a page and show it at DST
you may do so. Please credit me as Lily Designs ;) Thank you


Today is my 8 wedding anniversary!!! ;)

Please enjoy

30% off

discount coupon to my entire store !!!!!
valid only
Jun 15 - Jun 16 2010

hurry up !

code :

buy here

Have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute as a button and Freebie !!!!

lo by she
lo by sortjuh77

Hello ;)

Is your baby cute as a button ?!

I am sure she or he is !

Your baby will look just beautiful
in our newest kits
Cute as a Button !

Kimla and I have decided to create something similar to the original Cute as a button that was sold as one of ours first kits in A5D
and some elements from the previous kit give you for free ;)

I also added tittle something extra to the collab kit with Kimla

this is my
Cute as a Button
add on


Thursday - Friday

Jun 10 - Jun 11
reg price


and here is a collab with Kimla

Cute as a button


Thursday - Friday

Jun 10 - Jun 11
reg price


check out Kimla's beautiful add on

lo by Wendy85

lo by Lusy

lo by Wendy85

lo by Lusy

lo by Irina Krylova

lo by Elisa

lo by Jootie

lo by Jootie

lo by Justka7777

lo by Justka7777

lo by Katen4ek

lo by Kimla

lo by Magdalena

lo by Todido

lo by Irenchan

lo by Anetka

lo by heather

lo by Stepko

lo by Stepko

lo by Akizo

lo by Akizo

lo by Jootie

lo by Natalka

lo by Lindatjuhhh

lo by Lindatjuhhh

lo by Olga Unger

do you remember Cute as a button ??
One of our firs kits created with Kimla? It is not available for purchase any more but we have decided to pick few elements and give it to you for free!!!

Form these of you who during happy hour (Jun 10-11 2010) will buy our collab Cute as a Button we will pick one person who will receive 100% one time use discount coupon to our stores!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also pick 3 girls to send 6.99$ coupons to on Monday. all you have to do is leave a nice comment here ;)

I leave 4 coupons here - 10 $ each ;)

hurry up
code : lovelily

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cute as a buton is coming Thursday !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello hello

Please come back on Thursday to see my new kit ;)

Thare is going to be a big surprise and lots of freebies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winners ;)

lo by bml

hello hello

we are back ;)

thank you for all the comments!! you are wonderful !

here are the lucky girls ;)

Kirsten who likes The Dance by Garth Brooks
Frezia who likes Feels like home
Maca who likes Will You Be There

congratulations !!!

please e mail me and I will send you the coupons ;)

have a great day

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