Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter ! Sale and freebie!!!!

lo by Lana scrap designs

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are ready for a spring
it has been one long winter...
what happened to the global warming ?;)

I would like to offer you a

35 % OFF

discount coupon to my entire store
valid - March 29 - April 4 2010!



at the bottom of my post there is also freebie for you to grab ;)

I also have new hats my mom helped me to do ;)
if you like it please e mail me - there is only one available of each ;)

All hats measure about 50 cm / 19 inch and can stretch extra 4 - 5 cm / 1.5 - 2 inch
fit 2 -7 years old

Amanita - 22$ world wide shipping included

Yellow Duck 22$ world wide shipping included

Blue Moon - 22$ world wide shipping included

Sweet daisy - 22$ world wide shipping included

Retro style - 22$ world wide shipping included

White rose - 22$ world wide shipping included

White carnation - 22$ world wide shipping included

Sunflower - 22$ world wide shipping included

Green bell - 22$ world wide shipping included

Brown bell - 22$ world wide shipping included

Blue Hat - 22$ world wide shipping included

some inspirational Los for you from my Ct ;)
by baja

by jankacz

by Jankacz

by jankaCZ

by Kateno4ek

by Soraya

by soraya

by Soraya

by wendy85

by lana

by baja
...and the freebie

ps. please comeback on April 5 - I will have something new for you ;)

Happy Easter!


My Friend Pati aka Babelek makes this awesome tuts!
you can find it here

Saturday, March 20, 2010

back from Vacation ;)


I am back from vacation - almost ;) my computer died on me ;( - I will try to set up the new on on Monday and will be back to work (send you all the coupons - I am sorry it took me so long
will make it up to you ;) )

Love you


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lucky winners ! ;)

hi ;)

lucky winners !!!!


please e mail me and I will send you the coupons;)

It is not insulting you couldn`t use the coupon - you just weren`t lucky enough ;)
All the coupons are always used. And it is not obligatory to leave a thank you comment. The kit is usually in the store around midnight NYC time - or 1 am - you can see the New York Time on the clock at my blog.
My coupons are like a game, like a lottery there is a lot of people (usually 300 at a time)trying but only few girls are able to use it.

I am on vacation now ;) will be back in 2 weeks ;)

see you soon ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring fever Useful photos limited CU ;)

lo by baja


I added some useful photos to the kit

5 PNG files as shown at the preview, 2 with the shadow, 3 without

scrap for hire friendly!

you may use it to create previews of your pages you create for others

limited commercial use

you can use it in any commercial way except for creating elements for your scrapbook kits or use it for scrapbook kits previews

you may not resell it or clam it as your own ;)


only 2.40$

march 4- march 5 2010

reg price 3$


your heart should

flourishes with flowers and singing birds


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring fever !!!!!!!!!!!

lo by She

lo by Sydney


It is Spring Fever Time !

Colorful ready to use element arrangements and beautiful papers !

Kit includes: 8 papers plus some recolored and over 70 beautiful elements, ready to use arrangements, word arts and dress me up sets - all with realistic shadow 300 dpi

personal use only


only 5.20$

Thursday - Friday

March 4 - March 5 2010

reg price 6.50$


lo by Wendy85

lo by Soryaya

lo by Jankacz

lo by Lana

lo by Lusy

lo by Petu

lo by ulisa

lo by Omega021

lo by Niiki

lo by Magdalena

lo by KimberlyRae

lo by Justka777

lo by kathitownz

lo by Irina Krylova

lo by Irina Krylova

lo by Goldi

lo by Catrin

lo by Baja

lo by baja
lo by Anetka

lo by Heather

for first 5 girls that go to my store I leave a 5 $ discount coupon ;)

code : springfevrrrrr

For these of you who do not have enough luck to use it - please leave a comment on my bolg and I will pick 3 lucky girls that will receive 6.50$ coupon to my store ;)

This Hat is also available and ready to ship - head size - 40 cm / 15'' please e mail me if you are interested - price 22$ - world wide shipping included ;)
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