Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freebie Spring Garden Blog Templates

hello hello hello

Please welcome our new kit

Here is my little garden,

Some seeds I'm going to sow.

Here is my rake to rake the ground,

Here is my handy hoe.

Little plants will wake up soon,

And lift their sleepy heads;

Little plants will grow and grow

In their little, warm earth beds.

Please enjoy our Spring Garden kit

9 papers

61 elements (extra shadowed version included)

S4H friendly !

It will bee on 20% sale

Thursday Feb26 - Friday Feb27

on the top of that we have 10%

discount code for you:


valid Thursday Feb 26 - Sunday March 1



We also have Spring quick pages album made by Diana Dido Designs

If you like our new blog design? You must have one for your blog !!
We have them available for purchase at After5Designs!


manual instruction included

Blog template Spring

Blog template Blue Violet

some pages made by our awesome CT
by Anubis1

by Catrin

by my3hens

by fulloflife

by Vesi

by Tichulka

by Anetka

by Kimla

by Cherry

by MaryPop

by Karina

by JJ

you can see more beautiful layouts HERE

as always we have freebie sampler for you ;)


Please leave us some love and we will pick 3 lucky winners on Monday who receive our new SPRING GARDEN!

If you like Dido new blog template design please paste your blog link in your comment and we will pick a person who will receive one of them to choose

we love you !

Sunday, February 22, 2009


how to achieve this effect

for Photoshop cs2
Firs Use dust remover tool – neatimage
You can download it here
it will make your photo softer

• brighten

1.Copy picture layer (Ctrl+J)
2. Change top Layer mode to screen + adjust opacity 50 – 80 %
3. Flatten your image (merge the layers)

• lab colors

1. go to top menu – IMGE – mode – change from RGB to lab color
2. Copy picture layer
3. Go to top menu – IMAGE – apply image
4. Channels change for “lab”
5. Blending – soft light opacity – adjust ;)
6. Flatten image
7. Go to top menu -IMAGE – mode change it back to RGB

• Desaturate

1. Copy picture layer (ctrl+J)
2. click Top layer go to top layer IMAGE- adjustment – hue saturation - lower saturation 50%
3. choose soft round eraser – opacity 50% and erase lot layer parts you want to be very colorful like cloths
4. lower the eraser opacity to 10 % and erase the parts of the face you want to stay color chicks, eyes, lips, hear
5. flatten image

• soften
1. Copy picture layer (ctrl+J)
2. Go to top menu filter – blur – Gaussian blur set it to 100
3. Lower top layer opacity 50%
4. Use soft eraser to erase parts you want to stay sharp
5. Unsharp mask – 75%;3,5; 5 ( you can adjust )
6. Flatten image

• Lab colors channel a

1. I liked to change the pink color so:
2. go to top menu – IMGE – mode – change from RGB to lab color
3. Copy picture layer
4. Go to top menu – IMAGE – apply image
5. Channels change for “a”
6. Blending – soft light opacity – adjust ;)
7. I eraser top layer where I wanted the colors to remain
8. Flatten image
9. Go to top menu -IMAGE – mode change it back to RGB
Save it ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

photo retouch tutorial

we have 100 followers ! wow
we would like to give a coupon for 10 $ for the person nr 100 who is


we will send you couponcode via e mail you have in your profile ! ;)
we also prepared a tutorial for you ;)
how to achieve this effect

original photo

i will upload the tutorial tomorrow ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New CU products!!!


We have our first two packs of Commercial Use products for this week, and they are 20% sale for the next 48hours, so don't miss out this offer!!

They are also S4H friendly!!
Please read our TOU!

Monday, February 16, 2009

lucky winners


Thank you for all the nice comments!! You are great !

We have the lucky winners ;)



Vany® Qualtieri

please contact us via e mial and we will send you the coupons !!!
Thank you !!!
have a great day

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Opsy Daisy, Freebie


Please welcome our new fresh and beautiful kit - Opsy Daisy

Perfect for springtime 14 papers, alpha and 60 elements all with realistic shadow!
Kit also includes 4 free quick pages!

Kit will be on 20 % sale
Thursday - Friday
February 12 - February13

and we have a surprise!
coupon code:
will give you
extra 10% off


CT layouts

by Diana

by my3hens

by Todido

by Catrin

by Anubis1

by Tichulka

by Libica

by Zelwa

by Vesi

by Cherry

by Nicky - fulloflife

by Magdula

by Monic

by Karina - Karina also sraps 4 hire - HERE

by Hasmandka

by JJ

by Anetka

by Anubis

by Fabiane

by Violett

by Line

by m2m

to see more layouts please visit our gallery

Do you like our new blog design? ;) This beautiful template was created by our CT member Diana aka Todido
you can see her amazing blog here
she also made new fan blinkie for you to grab!

Thank you Diana !!!!!!!!!!!!!

please grab our sampler Ospy Daisy freebie


leave us a comment and I will pick 3 lucky winners of our new Opsy Daisy kit on Monday

if you were lucky winner last time and you didn't receive your prize - please send us e mail.

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