Monday, November 23, 2009

Winners, Elf photo hats and tutorial ;)

If you like the idea of baby Elf hats - please visit my other blog

Elf Photo

I had some new designs prepared for you ;) with each purchase you will get 30% discount coupon to my A5D Store ;)

some can say they can't wait till Christmas. I say "I love waiting for it!" The preparation, snow, Christmas tree, presents, togetherness this is what I am waiting for. Time of joy.
And I enjoy it, far away from my family, standing one leg in America one leg in Europa.
If i can - I go to visit my mom, this year I can't.
I meet way to many people saying that being far away form your country on Christmas time is sad and you don't celebrate.
But why ? We can enjoy alternative Christmas trees ;) We can make beautiful diner, we can make the presents if we can't afford them. Christmas is a magical time.
I need to be happy with what I have, if I am not happy today - what makes me think I will be tomorrow? I don't search for life that will make me happy,
I make my life a happy life ;)

I know how it it when having a Christmas tree is not an option ;)
but I always was able to create beautiful and cozy environment
so that this day would feel special to me

I love angels ...
I would like to share with you an idea of making yourself an alternative Christmas tree

I Called it
Snow Angel Project

You would need a photo of your choice a small stick, twig or branch

some ribbon or string few ornaments and a piece of paper

Attached about 2 - 3 ornaments ( I used an crochet angel and star) to the wooden stick
make it different level

form the paper cut the circle like on the image bellow
and use a glue to attache the photo

you can hang it practically everywhere: over the door, on window, wall
Sit back have a warm cup of whatever you like ;) and enjoy it ;)

If you like my angels you can
it Costs 12 $ per set (Twig, angel, star, ribbon, photo frame) worldwide shipping included
I have 3 sets available
all money will go to my beloved NO- KILL animal shelter
where me cat is from ;)
North Shore Animal Shelter

Since in my last kit most of the elements have water or ice reflection
and some of you asked me about tutorial
how to achieve such an effect
I prepared one for you ;)

Water reflection

1.Open the element you would like to reflect

2. Copy it and go to Edit, Transform, Flip Vertical

3. Once you flipped it move it down (look at the image layer 1 copy), change it's opacity to 21% and change the layer order so that the reflection (layer1 copy) was under the layer 1

4. use round soft brush eraser opacity around 70% erase the bottom part of the refection

hope you enjoy my tutorial

Last part for today is to pick lucky winners !! ;)
i picked


please e mail me and I will send you 6.99$ coupons to my store !;)

by Thinkblue

by Baja

by Magda-lena

by Trzyludki

by Sarahh

by Kathitownz

by Hanazana

by Goldi

By Irina

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Skating by Lily designs at After 5 Designs

Winter Skating

Ice skates was my first Christmas gift I remember !

I wish you all a present to remember!

Beautiful winter kit, ready to use element arrangements and beautiful papers !

Kit includes: 10 papers some recolored and over 50 beautiful elements, ready to use arrangements and word arts - all with realistic ice - reflection shadow at 300 dpi

Quick page included!

personal use only no share no piracy s4h friendly!


only 4.40$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 5.50$


Winter Skating Christmas Cards

only 2.39$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 2.99$


Kitty Holidays Cards

only 1.59$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 1.99$


by Todido

by Monic

by Jarmilka

by Heather

by Niiki

by Petu

by Rizulka

by Omega021

by Magda_lena

by Lusy

by Justka777

by Jimena

by Jimena

by JanaO

by Heather

by Emma79

by Irenchen

by Chichenilla

by Catrin

by Anubis1

by Aneta

by Aneta

by Fanatka

Please enjoy a Winter freebie


For leaving me some love I will pick 3 girls on Monday I will RAK with 6.99$ coupons to my store

4 first girls will get free Winter skating with the discount coupon
first come to the store - firs served !;)
Please use only one time

For French girls
check out Chichenilla store ;)

Do you have an idea how your Christmas pictures are going to look like?
need an inspiration?

How about dressing your babies into sweet, awesome Elf Christmas hats
I prepared few hats you may like
Each hat cost you 20$ (worldwide shipping included)
as a surprise you will get 20 $ coupon to my store with purchase ;)

there is only one piece of each available
(more is to come ;)
The first person who will make an offer sending me an email to
saying which one she or he wants
will get it

(I will send you payment information via email )

Tiny Angel newborn hat

Snow ball age 1-5 SOLD

First snow SOLD

Blue Cookie age 1-5 SOLD

Wanilla cone age 1-5 SOLD

From Lily - with love !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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