Saturday, January 29, 2011

discount surprise for I love pink ;)

by IrinaKrylova

by LaurieAnn

by Vrtule

by Mummyd

by Lavanda

by Komarik

by Jk2x

I am in a winter mood lately so I wanted my husband to take picture of me so that i could style it in a warm cozy way ... out of 80 ... 3 came out sharp enough to work with heheheeh

hard to live with him
can't live without him ;)


strawberry24 said...

fantastic pages sweetie!!!

Feli Popescu said...

Haha, this is so funny!! My husband is always so concentrated on the technical part (light, focus etc.) that my smile always freezes on my face until he is ready to take the picture ;-)))
Yours are gorgeous by the way! There is something out-of-this-world artistic in everything you do, you have been blessed with an immense talent!!
P.S. I am not saying this to win anything, I already have everything in your shop *lol*

Komarik said...

Hello sweetie!
At first THANK YOU for posting my page here )))

Fantastic photos as always you share with us. And I wanna such way of cutting the apple ;) at my photo tooo )))
It seems to me you done great work with these photos as well.

My hubby can't take photos (((( from 10 pics only 1 good )))

May be sometime you give us tutorial ;)

Have a nice day!

Jitka, Most said...

Fantastic pages!
And I have to also thank you for posting my page here - I´m really honored!
Have a nice rest of the weekend!

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