Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Walk

lo by Beshyshka

Winter Walk

welcome in winter wonderland ;)

12 papers (9 different)
50 elements (all with shadowed version)
ready to use elements arrangements
blog banner and background

s4h friendly
perfect for photography business

no sharing please

on Sale

Nov 18 - Nov 19
Thursday Friday



reg price 5.99

Buy Here

Take a look at my CT inspirational lo - girls you are amazing !

Irina Krylova













Natalya Zima






















Today I would like you all to meet Silje from Milla designs. She takes awesome pictures and uses my product in photo processing. I love her style!. Please check out her BLOG.

As always I leave coupons for lucky you ;)

today i have 5 free coupons for my newest kit

the code is winterlily

And if you leave nice comment here - I will pick 3 lucky winners on Monday and send them 6$ coupons ;)


Anonymous said...

OMG !!!
Thanks Lily so much for cupon.
So wonderful kit,so lovelly.

FionaM said...

I am here on time to get a coupon for a change, but I am going to leave it for someone else. I live in Australia and sadly wont be able to use this beautiful. Maybe next time.

Lisete said...

YES! First time I can grab one of your coupons! Thank you very very much!
The kit is beautiful!

Madeline said...

OMG! I missed it! I stayed up all night :( Wow!Amazing kit and pages! I wasn't lucky enough.

Lumara said...

seems like im late...
i missed it...
but i want it veryveryvery much!
its so... winter!
I hope i hope i hope!

natyi said...

What a beautiful kit, thank you for the chance!!!

Martoska said...

Very beautiful kit! And sooooooo perfect works of your CT team! I love it, I love it, I love it.... :))

bobule said...

It´s very nice kit. I love your work. I thank you for a change to win. I hope.

Abeille said...

Yahh! I'm lucky Thank you very much sweetie!! Soo stunning as always!!

Fanfan-Rue des Anges said...

What a new wonderful kit!!! I'm a big fan of your designs!!!!
Thank you for the chance to win it!!

Traumelfe said...

OMG! So gorgeous kit! I love it!
And amazing pages!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Gabby said...

I miss it !
But it's a very beautiful kit ! Your CT did stunning LO's !
Thank you for the chance to win !

Debby said...

aahh missed it!
It's a beautiful kit!
Thanks for the change to win!

Lee Davis said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! I can't believe I missed the coupon. Winter Walk is one of the most gorgeous kits I have seen of late and your CT made the most beautiful LO's, truly inspirational and every one an artist in their own right. I would be ecstatic if I won this stunningly beautiful kit.

Dianna said...

Another AMAZING kit and such AWESOME layouts by your CT!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I like your work. Really great CT pages. Thanks for chance to win this wonderful kit.

Бурман Светлана said...

Wow! Wonderful kit! And so sweet page by Ct!

Yulik said...

Really wonderful kit! It`s fabulous winter! Thank for the chance!

monicn said...

Wow!! This is totally amazing!I love all your designs!Thank you for the chance to win !

Unknown said...

Oh wauw (that is Dutch for WOW)this is really gorgeous. I love it.
Thank you for the chance to win it.
Hugs and have a lovely day,


Heather said...

What a gorgeous kit as usual. Love your designs and this one especially.

Jitka, Most said...

WOW! What a beauty again!!
Fabulous pages by your CT! Love them all! And.. I have just this kit in my shopping cart :)
Have a beautiful day and thank you!

Ute said...

WOW, is stunning !
I love the colores !

Thank you for the chance !

Anonymous said...

this kit is oh so pretty!!!!

orachel said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

Sheridan said...

A new set of simple charms, he is just fantastic and magical! Look at it and already feel the onset of winter. Soon, very soon get their first snowfall and everything will wrap a white fur coat. Girls from St beautifully conveys the mood of a new set, I thank them for their work. Lily, thanks for the excellent work!

Lous said...

Beautiful kit.. I missed it hihihi!
Love all of your stuff.
Thanks for the chance!!

Hugs Lous

Rossi said...

Oh, this Kit is absolutely amazing and wonderful! I love your different style, the soft colors you use, the lovely and cute elements. Your Kits have some kind of vitality :) And your girls created stunning pages!
Thank you very much for the chance a wish come true...
Have a lovely day,

Lenka said...

Very beautiful kit! I love your work. I thank you for a change to win!!!

Александра said...

It's fantastic kit!!!! Gorgeous your CT's pages! I'm delighted!!!

moromu said...

It´s very nice kit. thank you for the chance!!!

Veronica said...

Wonderful kit! Thanks :-))
And Silje/Drømmefabrikken is very talented :-))

Sue said...

OMG!!! It's sooo wonderful!
I really love it!
Thank you for the chance!

honeyB' said...

Extremely beautiful kit!
Thanks for the chance!

*sarahm172* said...

wonderful pages and the kit is very pretty

Antoaneta said...

Ouu, that is incredibly beautiful, stunning!!! Have no words...
Thanks for the chance, I hope :-)
Have a lovely day!

naz said...

What an absolutely gor-geous kit!!! I love it!! it is so soft and really kinda a fairytale winter kit!! totally adorabele!! thx so much!!

HCJC said...

OMG...what a gorgeous kit as always!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

strawberry24 said...

wow sweetie kit is amazing, beautiful color combination, the team did a great job lo are excellent. Thank you for the chance. hugs strawberry24

mamavandrie said...

Very very nice kit and beautiful lo your CT members made. Wish I could be have as good as they! Thanks for the chance to win!

Fanette said...

Really stunning !!! Again a time, love it :)
Thanks a lot for the chance to win it <3

Feli Popescu said...

As always, this is absolutely breathtaking, divine!! I am in awe in front of so much beauty! I love all your kits (I have all your kits!) and it is always my greatest pleasure to create pages with them! I hope so much that this time I can win this amazing kit! It's my birthday tomorrow too and I am feeling a little bit down these days, so winning this incredibly beautiful kit would really bring some light into this dark and sad November!
Thank you for your generosity and for the chance to win!

brenda said...

Winter Walk is SO beautiful, Lily. Thank you so much for a chance to win your newest designs. I'm a big fan of yours. :)

Anikó said...

Woow, wonderful kit!!

Ann said...

As always a truly gorgeous kit. I love it.

Anonymous said...

It´s very nice kit. thank you so much for the chance!!

Bianca Willems said...

Thank you for the change to win it.
Very beautiful kit.

Yelina said...

So amazing kit !! All pages are gorgeous.. i love them !!

Justyna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justyna said...

Justynko, Twój zestaw jest:

Godny Podziwu
W Dechę
Wyzwalający Pozytywne Emocje
Z Dreszczykiem Emocji

Zawsze będę wierną fanką Twojej twórczości i z niecierpliwością oczekuję naboru do Twojego CT


Zin from the Alps said...

Lucky girls who already have this kit to play with, it is so darling! The girls from your CT have done a most wonderful job to show the kit off! But hats off to you for creating such a beauty in the first place! Winter Walk is just gorgeous!

Becky said...

Wow wonderful kit!

lisiel said...

Wow ! Amazing kit !! Thanks for the chance to win !

Tanja said...

"Winter Walk" is so gorgeous... brilliant work!!! The LO`s from your Team are so magical, fantastic!!! I love it!!! Thick kompliment.. for all works!!! Your kit is, how ever, a wonder... more than perfect!!!!

Wish you a great day and weekend.. Hugs Tanja

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet and delicate. I love it! (As I always do) :) Precious, precious stuff, Lily!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your work is always so inspiring.

Lara's Digi World said...

Wonderful kit and very creative pages, love it!! said...

Absolutely love your new kit "Winter Walk" I have many of your kits and would love to add this one to my collection. Thank you!

Kirsten said...

What a beautiful kit, almost makes me like winter!! :D You have great talent!

nine said...

It's so beautiful! Each page is a work of art... as is each of your kits.. I look forward to see if I am one of the lucky ones! XOXO

shirley"O" said...

Lily this is such a beautiful kit. I tried to catch a coupon but was too late but thanks for the chance. Your work is just awesome.

Becki aka Crazsquaw said...

Wow, these pages are so breath taking....I am always blown away by your designs and the pages I see!!

I would LOVE this kit and to scrap like that!

I am always too late for you coupons, I think it is because of the time difference. Thanks for this chance!

*Cornelia* said...

oh wow i love this soft colors

Heather said...

This is just beautiful, as always. Your kits never disappoint for original, creativity and whimsy. Thanks so much for the chance!

Nicole Hazel said...

I love your work! Your talent is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with the fans. Love & Blessings, Nicole

Maja said...

Genialny zestaw! Jestem wierną fanką Twojej twórczości :D
Dziękuję za szansę :)
Pozdrawiam, Maja

lmjrocko said...

Beautiful kit. Thanks for the chance~

Louloupistou said...

Hello, I am writting from France and I would like to say that yours kits are each time most beautifull. They contain a lot of magic and I love it so I have downloaded and I will download your job on the after five designs shop !!!!

See You

kelly said...

this is GORGEOUS!!!!!

OliO said...

great kit!!! love it sooo much!!! thank you!!!

iamb said...

Beautiful, thanks for a chance to win!

Yuricita said...

It's just amazing, and perfect as a winter kit! Your CT did great job also! I checked every single pages by your CT's work here. Just stunning pages....
Thank you so much for the chance !

Fairy White said...

Oh, the kit is simply magnificent!!! I just fell in love with it! Oh, thank you, thank you so much for the chance!!!

lammogliagirl said...

JJ this is absolutely precious! It's like a fairytale, not just a kit! Thank you for always giving gifts of your beautiful work :)

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous - you never cease to amaze me! Thanks for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kit, thank you for the chance!!!

Kyla said...

Lovely kit! Thanks for the chance to win!

Réka said...

What a lovely digital kit!!! I really want it!!!

PBie said...

Your new kit is so lovely and fantastic, i love your stil. Thanks for the chance.
Greetings Pia.

Sandy S said...

Thanks Lily so much for cupon.
What a new wonderful kit!!! I'm a big fan of your designs!!!!
Thank you for the chance to win it!!

Paola Aldewliy said...

Absolutely amazing and beautiful kit,as usual,love it so much,thank you!!!

Persiancat said...

Simply unsurpassed kit! Can not find words to describe my excitement!
Thanks for the chance to win a coupon!

Keizerin said...

The kit looks stunning! Your CT does amazing work! Beautiful!

Filo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Filo said...

Wow!!! Very beautifull kit! I love Winter! Fantastic elements, papers and great colors!! Your CT created excellent LO´s! Thank you for the chance to win! Please pick me! :)

Maca said...

Woooooooooow Lily, I do not know what to write. Again, I do not have words! Kit is absolutely stunning, fantastic, amazing! Bomb! Soft colors and sweet, delicate and loving elements. I was totally into "Winter Walk" in love. I love your design, again excellent work. Is again unique, completely different than other winter kits, and I love it, it's always something else .... I admire your creativity and imagination. Super! And your team made a fantastic, almost stunning LOs ... WOW WOW WOW! I wish you all the best and look forward to your next fantastic kits! Have a nice week! Hugs! Maca

Maca said...

...oh for so much beauty I forgot to thank you for a chance to win. Thank you! Maca

anae said...

sublime kit. mille bravos. merci pour la chance de le gagner.

Carolien said...

Wow wow wowwwww. That are the only words I can say!


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