Wednesday, December 2, 2009

9 days of Christmas and freebie

lo by Lusy
9 Days of Christmas

yes We are getting ready for Christmas !

Another hand made beautiful winter kit you may enjoy during long winter evenings , ready to use element arrangements and beautiful papers !

Kit includes: 6 papers some recolored and over 50 beautiful elements, ready to use arrangements and word arts - some with realistic ice - reflection shadow at 300 dpi

Surprise Download Included !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

personal use only

no share no piracy

s4h friendly!
ON SALE only 4.40$
reg price 5.50$



Winter Alpha

clear version included
each letter has water reflection shadow!

ON SALE 2.39$
reg price 2.99


by me ;)

by Anetka

by Jimena

by Heather

by Olga Unger

by Olga Unger

by Sarahh

by Walerialisa

by Shayenne27

by Niiki

by Magda-Lena

by Petu

by Goldi

by Justka777

by Fanatka

by Chichenilla

by Irenchen

by Goldi

by Jimena

by Jarmilka

by JanaO

by Irina Krylova

by Anubis1

Please enjoy the free QP ;)

For the entire December the oldest Lily Designs kit are

ON 50 % SALE

all the A5D retiring products
are available


Please tell me what you love about Christmas or Winter if you don't celebrate Christmas ;)
and I will pick 3 lucky girls to give coupons to my store !

Also if you are lucky and fast enough
you will enjoy 9 days of Christmas for free

here is 5 coupons for 5 first girls



ps. one of my favorite things about Christmas time is the music
this is my favorite song
loove the lyric

my Dancing Angel


Jitka, Most said...

WOW today is my lucky day! Thank you for the coupon! Your new kit is AGAIN BEAUTIFUL!

efinarose said...

Wow!!! Beautiful kit! Thank you for the coupon.

Anonymous said...

I love walking at midnight in the fresh snow. Watching the flakes under the hot street lights dancing to the winds music.

That's what I love about winter.

iamb said...

ah, I missed it, must have just been by seconds!! haha, lovely kit:) I love the smells of Chrismtas... the tree and all the spices and the night air seems more fresh.Thanks for the chance to win!!

Martoska said...

Wow! It is fantastic kit! I waited all night for this chance but I missed the coupon :-( Thanks for your work and the freebie. Wonderful work of your CT team! Hugs, Martoska

Tatiana said...

And again I was late for a coupon :-( Be lucky next time!?! New amazing kit!!! Soooo soft!!! Thank you for freebie

Vetra said...

♥♥♥Thank you very much for the wonderful set! With coupon not lucky, but I bought this great set! Thank you for your work!♥♥♥

Лисевич Татьяна (Yshko) said...

Thank you very much, I was very happy! This is a beautiful set !!!!!
Thank you for coupon!! Fortune smiled at me !!!!!

Miranda Barten said...

Thanks for the wonderful freebie. I really love your new kit..what I love about winter/Christmas..the dark evenings, the lights..spending more time with family...that gives a good feeling!


Madeline said...

OH,I missed it!Another incredibly amazing kit.It's just PERFECT!Love the pages from your CT and Fantastic freebie thank you so much :)Congrats to the LUCKY 5!

Dawnree said...

The new kit is stunning. My favorite thing about Christmas is making gifts and ornaments with my children and the cheesy Christmas movies.

Ramona said...

awe, I missed it again :(
What for a wonderful, beautiful kit. Love teh elements, just as all your kits, there are so soft and warm. And once again has your CT Members shown us what fantastic Layouts they have done.

Wonderful job!!!

thanks for the chance to win :)

Annja said...

What a wonderful kit! He seemed to be covered with the first snow, I'm very pleased!
Thank you for such beauty. I love the winter and your winter gift for us.

Mumure said...

The pictures of your dancing angel are just FABULOUS!!!!!
Thank you so much for the qp ,o)
My favorite thing about Christmas is to open the gifts with my children and hubby under our tree.I love to see them so happy,talking all together,showing each other what they had and giving us hugs and kisses.That's the magical of Christmas for me.
Thanks for the chance.
Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Ohh wauw Lily that looks really stunning again!! Your CT did an awesome job as well, those layouts are simply gorgeous! I love it
when I'm sitting in the dark with only the lights in the christmas tree on, the face of my little girls face when she looks at all the gorgeous lights and treats :)
The songs and the happy gathering of my family! I just love all the things about christmas hihi We are celebrating Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands and as soon as he leave's the country I am putting my tree with all those lights and balls in my livingroom!! My hubby thinks I am crazy but I just love it!! hihihi...I was too late for the coupon, some are up early I guess lol Thank you so much for a chance to win this gorgeousness!
And also thank you for the lovely freebie!

Hugs Natascha

fairytale-moments said...

Woww wonderful new Kit. I love it and love your new dancing Photos. And of course your new amazing.
I love whit the snow on the tree in the dark feel so wonderful.

Thanks for the chance.i hope i have many lucky.

elitka said...

Thanks for this wonderful kit! I love Christmas, because then everyone is good! I love to decorate Christmas tree! I love to sing Christmas carols! I love it when my whole family is gathered and all rejoice! Bulgaria is a poor country, but we loved Christmas! Like the legend of Santa Claus and love to make gifts!
Excuse me for my bad English!
Happy Holidays!

Eryn said...

Wow your photos are so beautiful!
And such a gorgeous kit again!

My favourite part of Christmas is the excitement in the kid faces! I love it and I wish I was a better photographer so I could capture it! lol

Maygirl said...

oh, I am late as usual! :((
the kit is soooooooooooo beautiful, when I look at it and the pages I feel soooooo warm and quiet inside! thank you for this feeling! as for Winter - I love a lot of snow on the trees and on the ground, so that you can fall down without any danger on it :))

lena said...

What beautiful kit!!! Owing to you at me fine New Year's mood!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What a wonderful kit!Thank you very much, I was very happy! This is a beautiful set !!!!!

Anikó said...

Wonderful kit and pages!!!!

Unknown said...

new Kit -wonderful!!! I love it! I love your new dancing Photos.

Thanks for the chance, Lily!
And also thank you for the lovely freebie!


Paola said...

wow what a gorgeous Kit, I am fairly new at scrapbooking and I love to learn and play :-)I am using it for my incredimailstats or tags or for LO since I try to learn that too :-)
hmmm christmas is my most favourite time of the year... my dad loved christmas too and he passed away way too young and though I miss him deerly christmas time makes me smile when I think of him and our common love for it, he made beautiful flowerarrangments for everybody that wanted one, he build a big big stable every year for our christmas nativity scene, it's a beautiful large old one that was in church for years and he got it from the pastor and I got it from my mum after he died.. it was the center of our family :-) I love the smell of the tree and still have a real tree every year because of him, my mum does too. He hang the lightbulbs in the tree every year and then my brother and I could decorate the tree all by ourselves... and on christmas eve after church everybody that wanted to come arrived at our house and we ate together, it was our christmas meal but it always ended up on the table long before the next day LOL...I sit here smiling with all those lovely memories...thanks for making me think of it... it lightened up my day!! We have to wait till sinterklaas is gone in the Netherlands but I will be decorating next week for sure.. * I did some already, ssttttttt don't tell* :-)

Huggers Paola

Lori Yee said...

I love Christmas because people seem more friendly this time of year. The wonderful smell of the Christmas trees. Packing our mini van with kids to go look at Christmas lights. Seems the lights we go see are always the same but we still can't help oohing and awing at then :)
I love baking sugar cookies and my kids steeling them off the pan thinking I don't notice them. What they don't know is I have always noticed it but I never say anything because I like it. I love Christmas songs. My Favorite is The Gift
You can hear it here
I mostly spending time with famliy and friends. Merry Christmas. PS your new kit is stunning. Beautiful job.

maryline said...

It' s wonderful, thank you for the chance and the Freebie, i like your work !!!

nie said...

WOW! You take gorgeous photos!!! Love your daughter, she's so adorable!!!
That is a beautiful kit! :) What I love about Christmas is the festivities feeling around everyone that brings joy and happiness :)

hsmema said...

Gorgeous new kit. Thank you for the QP. I love children's smiles at Christmas.

Heather said...

Your new kit is gorgeous. Thank you for the freebie. I love the quietness late on Christmas Eve when the snow shimmers and sparkles and you know all is well with the world.

Unknown said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL new kit!!! I love the soft and light nature of it! Thank you so much for the chance to win it!! What I love about Christmas is seeing the joy on the faces of the children, and laughing and feasting the day away.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful kit! You just keep amazing me with your creative ideas!

My favorite thing about Christmas has changed this year. Normally, it is the cozy time spent with family and friends, the music and the yummy food, but this year, for the 1st time, it was the look on my little ones face when he came home and found the Christmas tree! He was so excited and had the most wonderful, beautiful smile on his little face. He understands what is happening, and is a joy to watch as the season progresses and he get more excited. Once again, I am seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child, and it is so fun!!!


Danny Mota said...

I love christmas, because is time of think in love and remember the born of king Jesus in this world.

In Brazil is Summer now, but i Love winter time, and i dreamed play with flakes, and listen musics in America.

Your kit is so beautiful

ChristieJV said...

I love the music, getting together with family and the snow. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Wooow stunning new kit!! Your DD is just soooo sweet! She's a doll!!

Gorgeous LO's

abeille :-)

ulisa said...

I love the peaceful feeling when comes Christmas! And I would love to share this feeling with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Dec. 03, 2009. Thanks again.

Kim said...

Wow... I´m amazed by your newest kit!!

I love christmas/winter time because of the beautiful colors and lights everywhere. This year it is our first christmas with our little daughter (4 months old/young :-) and of course it is a very special Christmas for us.

And a very important cause are your wonderful christmas kits... love them <3

Lots of love, Kim

Claire7799 said...

You new kit is really amazing!! What I like with Christmas: being with my family and christmas cookies!!

M said...

I znów tu wracam, bo cala magia świąt jest zawarta w tym cudownym zestawie, w oryginalnych elementach (śliczne aniołki: te tańczące i te zrobione na szydełku), w ciepłych i czystych kolorach, w twarzyczkach dzieci w LO twojego CT. To są właśnie Święta Bożego Narodzenia!
Gratuluję pomysłów i wykonania!
Ciepło pozdrawiam w ten zimowy czas :)

lammogliagirl said...

Your baby is truly an angel, she's so beautiful! And your kit is soft and delicate and is unmistakably a Lily kit :) My favorite thing about Christmas is that everything, even the smallest things, like drinking a cup of hot cocoa with my children, feels warm and special and Christmasy! Also my husband and I go running at night and that's when we see all the streets and houses with their lights and decor and it looks so hopeful and cheerful. Thank you for the beautiful freebie!

Bimolka said...

He Christmas is a fairy tale! In our country we mark it on January, 7th. Christmas it when all family in gathering when 12 dishes on a table and all wait for the first star in the sky to begin celebrating. These are candles on a table, колядки... The Most gentle and most sincere feelings open in Christmas because the Christ was born!!! And in the answer - we Glorify it!
Christmas happy by all in the bosom of the family!

Walaa said...

It's a stunning Kit as always..
In our house, We don't celebrate christmas because we are not Christian, but we love exclusive sweets that are sold only in this occasion especialy my Oldest brother and sometimes we enjoy the celebration that are in public places in Bahrain.. Couple hours ago my father surprised us with our first christmas tree..
Merry Christmas for all of you..

WALAA said...

A beautiful kit as always..
Actully in our house, we don't celebrate christmas because we are not christian.. But we really love christmas sweets that are sold especially for this occasion here in Bahrain.. hehehe
A couble hours ago my father surprised us with our first christmas tree..
Merry Christmas For all of you..

Walaa said...

A beautiful kit as always..
Actully in our house, we don't celebrate christmas because we are not christian.. But we really love christmas sweets that are sold especially for this occasion here in Bahrain.. hehehe
A couble hours ago my father surprised us with our first christmas tree..
Merry Christmas For all of you..

Walaa said...

Sorry for the error that happened

Anonymous said...

Your dancing Angel is lovely !!! nice pics!!!
Thank you for lovely freebie !

And what I love about Christmas ... I have 4 kids - so - I love their eyes when they are looking surprised on the Christmas tree with all these lights and gifts. When they are singing songs, when we are all together. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 03 Dec [LA 02:00pm, NY 05:00pm, UK 10:00pm] - 04 Dec [OZ 09:00am]).

Rebecca said...

My favorite thing about Christmas, is that everyone seems to slow down and enjoy the gifts of our world and one another. It is such a warm feeling. Thank you for the opportunity to win a coupon. Take Care, Rebecca

Dianna said...

I love just about everything about Christmas, but one of my very favorite things is spending time with family.

Thanks so much for the beautiful QP!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet Quick Page freebie, and Merry Christmas!
I LOVE your beautiful photography!

Aksinj said...

WOW!!!Fantastic kit!
I will not be original, I love have begun to smell a tangerine, fur-trees and traditional drivings from snow mountain at us in city centre in a New Year's eve!

sofie said...

I love to make gifts to my friends on the Christmas!! Thank you for the beautiful QP!! And thank you for the chance to win!!

Martoska said...

What I love about Xmas? The most beautiful thing for me is the joy and happiness in the eyes of my little angel! His pleasure of xmaslights, snow, xmastree.... and of course of gifts under a tree. I love this moment when he is so happy! It is irretrievable!

Anonymous said...

The Kit looks fantastic and the LOs show it perfect

I really love in winter walking throught the snow in a time from night and day (when the sun just wake up) Listen to the silence in the world and seeing the snow shining in the first sunshine of the day. Also I like the smell of snow and the pawprints from the wild animals in the snow

Thanks for the chance :)

Stephanie said...

Wooow!!! Your new Kit is sooo wonderful!!! Really adore the soft colours and stunning elements!!woow!!
Hmm...I love about christmas that there are everywhere many lights and candles in the darkness. And of course I like our christmas cookies ;) And about winter I love the snow, if we have one, what I wish every year and often it doesn't come true....
And I wanted to say that your photos are fabolous!! Woow!!
Thank you very much for the chance to win your wonderful Kit and for the great Freebie!!

Komarik said...

Perfect photos!!!
Your daughter is cute little angel!!!
Stunning kit! Love it!
And THANK YOU for the coupon!!!


*Katia* said...

Hi Lily, as always its jobs are extraordinary!
as those of the creative her team.
I adore her style...

I have bought his kits, by now I cannot do to of it less....
I have posted them on my blog today

thank you for having given me the stimulus to create
thanks for these fabulous kits....

the white angel is magnificent... happy Christmas.

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