Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Skating by Lily designs at After 5 Designs

Winter Skating

Ice skates was my first Christmas gift I remember !

I wish you all a present to remember!

Beautiful winter kit, ready to use element arrangements and beautiful papers !

Kit includes: 10 papers some recolored and over 50 beautiful elements, ready to use arrangements and word arts - all with realistic ice - reflection shadow at 300 dpi

Quick page included!

personal use only no share no piracy s4h friendly!


only 4.40$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 5.50$


Winter Skating Christmas Cards

only 2.39$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 2.99$


Kitty Holidays Cards

only 1.59$

Thursday - Friday NOV 19 - NOV 20
reg price 1.99$


by Todido

by Monic

by Jarmilka

by Heather

by Niiki

by Petu

by Rizulka

by Omega021

by Magda_lena

by Lusy

by Justka777

by Jimena

by Jimena

by JanaO

by Heather

by Emma79

by Irenchen

by Chichenilla

by Catrin

by Anubis1

by Aneta

by Aneta

by Fanatka

Please enjoy a Winter freebie


For leaving me some love I will pick 3 girls on Monday I will RAK with 6.99$ coupons to my store

4 first girls will get free Winter skating with the discount coupon
first come to the store - firs served !;)
Please use only one time

For French girls
check out Chichenilla store ;)

Do you have an idea how your Christmas pictures are going to look like?
need an inspiration?

How about dressing your babies into sweet, awesome Elf Christmas hats
I prepared few hats you may like
Each hat cost you 20$ (worldwide shipping included)
as a surprise you will get 20 $ coupon to my store with purchase ;)

there is only one piece of each available
(more is to come ;)
The first person who will make an offer sending me an email to
saying which one she or he wants
will get it

(I will send you payment information via email )

Tiny Angel newborn hat

Snow ball age 1-5 SOLD

First snow SOLD

Blue Cookie age 1-5 SOLD

Wanilla cone age 1-5 SOLD

From Lily - with love !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zoey said...

Oh.. i missed out on the coupon again. I hope I can get lucky next time. Thank you JJ for the chance to win this gorgeous kit.

Лисевич Татьяна (Yshko) said...

I love your sets! They give love and affection! Thank you for your work!
Thanks for the chance!
There will be a wonderful decoration for moegomalenkogo son!

vke said...

What a beautiful kit...sigh ..again!

I want to make my Chistmas card with this one!

Thank you so much for ALL the beautiful freebies you are ALWAYS giving to us!

fairytale-moments said...

woww so cute hats you have make it. thats was so perfekt for my sweet twinnies.
and your new kit is stunning, again again. I am so in love with it and wonderful Picture from your beuatiful DD.

Thanks for the chance to win it.

Cheers Laviconi

Лисевич Татьяна (Yshko) said...

Love! Love it!! Kiss!!
Coupon worked!! I'm very happy! I'll make a wonderful album of my little son and favorite daughter!!

Яночка said...

Ура!!!!Я успела!!!Спасибо огромное за шикарный набор!!!!!

Mumure said...

The new kit is totally AMAZING!!!Fabulous reflection!!!
Your CT have made unbelievable pages!!!Woooow!!!
Thanks for the chance :o)

Natalie said...

Oh I am to late but your kit is so wonderful that I will leave a comment and hope I could get it on the second chance. Thanks!!!


Ellas digidesign said...

Missed out on the coupon but the kit is really wonderful

Sheridan said...

Lily, thank you for such a fantastic Christmas kit! Fell in love with him immediately as she saw! The kit is beautiful! Inclined to your talent!

Andrea said...

Wow, this kit is absolutely amazing. I love it.

nine said...

Lily, so beautiful, as always... always capturing the spirit of the holidays ...

Susie aka Psychozoe

Anonymous said...

lily... this one is it!!

love layla

Anonymous said...

Wow is all I can say!! Gorgoeus kit!! I am a huge fan of your work!! Thanks for the oppurtunity to possibly win a coupon!!! You are very generous!!!


Madeline said...

Another wonderful kit:)Thank you so much for the beautiful freebies.LOVE it! thank you for the chance:)

Unknown said...

Oh wow what a beautiful kit, unfortunately I missed out on the coupon (that is what happens when staff members keep entering your office wanting to chat :) )

Your CT did a wonderful job with your kit, I just love the examples and gives me inspiration.

I wish you a wonderful week.

Big hug from Holland,


Lenka said...

I'm truly amazed with your talent and creativity.Thank you for the beautiful freebie and the chance of to win it!I'll keep my fingers crossed to be one of the lucky winners..

maghenrey said...

Lily what another lovely kit - so cute and those hats are just stunning. Unfortunately I don't have anyone that age otherwise I would be seriously tempted.
Thank you so much for the chance to win a coupon to your shop.

Jessica said...

I LOVE that blue and white hat... simply adorable!! You do beautiful work!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I absolutely love your Winter Skating kit - in fact I love all your kits and wait with excitement for every new kit you make. My best lo's are made from your kits. I can't wait to make christmascards from this one.
Thanks for the oppurtunity to possibly win a coupon.

Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I really love everything about this one. Just makes me wish we got more snow around here...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this kit looks gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for the freebie and the chance to win!

Stephanie said...

Woooow!! Your new Kit is soo fantastic!!! Love the colours of it and all the wonderful winter elements!! Sooo great!!!
And as always your CT did such an awesome job with it!! Wow!!
Thank you very much for the chance to win your wonderful Kit!!!

And besides your hats look sooo great. But unluckily I don't know anyone who could wear them (we're all to big ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely work, thanks for the freebie

Ányi said...

Thank you for the freebie and please count me in :-)
Thank you for the chance to win :-)

Голубева Екатерина said...

Your new kit are wonderful and amazing, beautiful in every way! I love your design!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ahhh Lily the hats looks absolutly adorable!! And your new kit as well...another great and gorgeous one from your hands! You keep amazing me with your talent ;) Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win!!

Hugs Natascha

Lori Yee said...

I love your new kit. I'm at A loss for words on how you are able to make it so that we can see reflection in the glass paper.Its truly beautiful.Totally different from all the other stuff I've seen out there.Thank you so much for wonderful freebie also. You really out did yourself on this one.

Anikó said...

Beautiful kit!Thank you for the chance to win .

Nia said...

Beautiful kit as always. Thanks for the freebie and a chance to win your new kit :)

Lizzy said...

Beautiful kit, thanks for the freebie. And oh wow, your hats are just stunning! Gorgeous stuff as usual :)

*Cornelia* said...

again such a great kit, amazing your work, love those white winterdays, remember me at heaven.

and your baby hats are so cute, love them

Hugs Cornelia

Verena said...

Wow what a beautiful kit !! Love it !!!
Thanks for the chance to win it.

Olga Gorchichko said...

No, I can not pass! What a fabulous set! And postcards! Miracle! I ran to seek for paypal:)
I sincerely admire your talentcr!

Caro753 said...

Your new kit is so stunning, and the CT call's layout too !! Thanks for the chance to win it.

canecorsobella said...

Beautiful; just love it!

doti40 said...

Świetny zimowy zestaw - odpowiednio śnieżny, trochę mroźny - jednym słowem fantastyczny!!! Czapki tez sa rewelacyjne!!

photomagic247 said...

Missed out on the coupon but THANK YOU for the chance to win this AWSOME kit!!! **hugs**

granny janet said...

Hmmm I always miss out on the coupons due to this terrible time zone thing I guess. Will have to stay up the whole night next time lol. I'm totally in love with your new kit. It's gonna be great for some Christmas cards. Excellent work as always!

efinarose said...

Wow!! This is such a beautiful creation and those elf hats are the cutest. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

nie said...

Love the kits and those hats!!! I'd love to have one if I have a baby...

Ganderinka said...

What a beautiful kit !! Thank you JJ for the chance !

Anonymous said...

Woooow Very beautiful hat I love it!! Thank for the freebie and for the chance!!


belle007 said...

Your new Winter Skating kit has a lovely light feel to it! Beautiful. Thanks so much for the freebie!

Brien said...

thank you for de great kit and the freebie. I like it very much

Sandy_in_MD said...

Another wonderful kit! Thanks so much for the matching freebie.

Donna B. Miller said...

Thanks so much for another beautiful freebie. This is a lovely kit.

*MORN* said...

You keep surprising me!!beautiful,amazing ,fantastic....
There just isn't a word I can think of that describes this kit. Wonderful work. Thanks for the freebies and the chance to win.

Pauline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pauline said...

Another so gorgeous and amazing kit! I really love it! Thank you for the chance to win!

Tara said...

WOW yet another STUNNING STUNNING kit Sweetie AND those beenies, OMG they are sooooooooo PRECIOUS! WOW!

Can't wait to pick this one up and thank you so very much for the freebie Sweetie!!

Big Hugs,
Tara xoxo

Moni Singer said...

I am a fan of all your wonderful design. your new kit is soooooooooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M. Ocampos said...

Wow... such a beautiful kit! Although we don't experience winter here. We only have dry and wet (lots and lots of rain) season. Having this kit would be nice to fuel my fantasies about this kind of season to me.

Thank you for the chance. Have a wonderful day!

Petit-Lips said...

I fell in love with each of your kits !

ulisa said...

Потрясающе красивый набор, Лили!! Спасибо за шанс!!

Kuznyec said...

Amazing kit, again! Sooo adorable! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful kit!

NH Designz said...

This kit is so fantastic! i love it!
Thank you soo much for this kit JJ!!

*hugs* Nina

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Nov. 19, 2009. Thanks again.

kcatonio said...

This is beautiful - you are sooo talented! Thanks

akiloune said...

Wow !!!! another awesome kit !!! Thank you for the chance to win it !!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!!! The layouts our fabulous! And your hats are adorable!! What a great idea!

Vetra said...

♥♥♥Lily thanks for the chance, thanks for your work! You're very talented - it's great!♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Beautifuk kit again. Thank you for the chance to win stuff. Beautiful hats to !!!

Uyen said...

All your kits are so gorgeous! This kit is magical and fun. Thank you for the freebie and the chance to win.

OliO said...

Such a lovely set! Thank you for your work! Thanks for the chance!

Maygirl said...

the kit is so beautiful! love it love it sooooooo much!
and so sad I missed the hats! they are adorable!!!

Nancy said...

Dear Lily.
I lend you the Award for the most splendid Blog.
I may award the Award to 3 my Lieblingsblogs.
You may fetch him to you with pleasure on my Blog!

Lots of love from Germany!

Дорогие Lily.
Я передаю тебе Award для самого чудесного блога.
Я могу предоставлять Award 3 моих любимых блогов.
Ты можешь забирать его тебе охотно на моем блоге!

Дорогие приветы из Германии!

lena said...

Very beautiful set with repeated opportunities!

Kika said...

Fantastic kit, thanks for the chance to win!
Hats are really beautiful!

TJ said...

Gorgeous kit, thank you for the chance.

Martoska said...

Wow! It's fantastic! I love your design soooo much. Thanks for the chance to win!

. said...

wow this one is soooo gorgous. I realy love it.

Thank you for the change.

Hugs Cindy

Roselily said...

I would love to win one of your gorgeous kits, thanks a lot for the chance to win one !!

Pauline said...

absolutely fantastic !
too late for the hats :'(

Komarik said...

I forgot to say that you're GENIUS!!!
Love your work!!!
Thank you for your talent!

Audy said...

So wonderful job. I love your design. It's fantastic!

Nancy said...

Wonderful kit, thanks for the freebie and the chance at the coupon and LOVE the little hats!!!!!

MonkingsMusings said...

Thank you!

aiko said...

Wow.. beautiful designs! I am such a big fan of yours. I just love your creativity and talent. I know for sure that you put so much time, work and heart in all your kits and it clearly shows as all your designs are all wonderful and well worth the money spent on it. We are so lucky to have you and your designs. I am looking forward to your future releases.

Thank you for the chance you gave us. You are so generous.


lammogliagirl said...

You're so creative! And you knit too! That's amazing, and the hats are adorable. Thank you for the beautiful, delicate freebie! Your kit so precious and Christmasy, I can't help but fall in love with it :) Thank you for being so generous with your gifts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 Nov [LA 04:32pm, NY 07:32pm] - 20 Nov [UK 12:32am, OZ 11:32am] ).

Eryn said...

OMG I love the reflections! I finally took the plunge today and bought my first 2 Lily Designs I am so excited to see if I can create beautiful pages like your CT! This is a new style for me and I can't wait to play!

C. Sage Deerborn said...

I missed out on the coupon so can only hope to win a gc to your store. I love this kit and your style.

Anonymous said...

Zestaw jest przecudny - prawdziwa perełka. Elementy sa cudownie niepowtarzalne. Piękna robota. Dziękuję zamożliwość wygrania tego cudenka :)

Emmetjes said...

Wow, everything looks beautiful!!!
I love your new kit!

Tnxxx for the freebie and the chance :-)

Hugs, Marieke

Carolien said...

O wow what a wonderfull kit!! I really love it, youre work is great en it is a joy to watch en work with. I order no this wonderfull kit.

greetings from holland

leaugoscrap said...

WOWWW your kit is fabulous !!!!! thanks for this chance !!
& thanks for this cute freebie !!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Lily,
I don't know whether my comment has been accepted so...
Merci beaucoup for this tempting cookie !
It's just a real pity it's virtual ! ;D
C from Paris :)

schneeflocke said...

thanks for the chance to win, the hats are really cute, I'm sure they are perfect on photos!

CINTIA said...

I love your taste!! In Your kits there are a lot of afection and elegance...They are so beautiful!! SPECTACULAR!!

Anonymous said...

This kit is beyond Gorgeous! It's so magical and full of spirit! Thank you for sharing your talent!

Karen said...

Thanks for the freebie :)
Karen from Moscow

scrapginnie said...

Thank you for all you contribute to the digi world. You are truly a talented designer.

Gabby said...

So sweet this kit !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Love Your kit.

mop1727 said...

Oh darn I missed out on the adorable HATS!!!! So cute! Where do you find the time to do all this?? You are so talented, I am in awe of you!
And your new kit is AWSOME!!! You are so creative! I would looove to win this kit! :D
Thank you for the chance!

ß°þþìë said...

Such a gorgeous kit, and the hats are so adorable.
Thanks for the awesome freebie, and chance to win!

kcatonio said...

absolutely AWESOME!!!!
thanks for the chance!

Lisa said...

Just wondering if you made the hats??? If so, great job, they are darling! If not, then great job selecting them. Thanks for the freebie and the chance to win!


Unknown said...

thanks for the chance to win, and for the wonderful freebie, very cute -- such great hats too, what a great offer you made to people.

Rebecca said...

Thank you again for your time and efforts towards creating such wonderful kits! Additionally, thank you for the chance to win.

Kind Regards,


Fê Alves said...

I love your new kit!!!Your CT rock the pages!!!!
Thanks for the chance =)

rags said...

This kit is STUNNING! I love the splash of colour you have used with the elegant neutrals - Beautiful! I adore your green snowsuit and that little cat. Shame I missed out on the toddler hats, but then again, sadly, theres not such a need for them here in Australia. Thanks for the freebie and the chance to win

Dianna said...

Your kits are all so gorgeous, and now you have adorable hats, too!

Thanks for another beautiful freebie!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win! What a beautiful new kit this time again!


TASHA said...

This is a real fairy tale! Thanks for the chance!

Linda said...

Wow JJ this kit is so beautiful again! Love also the elfhats you have made.
Thanks for the freebie!


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