Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lucky winners ! ;)

hi ;)

lucky winners !!!!


please e mail me and I will send you the coupons;)

It is not insulting you couldn`t use the coupon - you just weren`t lucky enough ;)
All the coupons are always used. And it is not obligatory to leave a thank you comment. The kit is usually in the store around midnight NYC time - or 1 am - you can see the New York Time on the clock at my blog.
My coupons are like a game, like a lottery there is a lot of people (usually 300 at a time)trying but only few girls are able to use it.

I am on vacation now ;) will be back in 2 weeks ;)

see you soon ;)


Rebecca said...

Congratulations, ladies!!

Have a fabulous vacation, JJ!

Vetra said...

♥♥♥Thank you great!! I'm very happy !!!!!♥♥♥

SHOCKolad said...

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Ewik said...

Gratuluję!!! :) może następnym razem... ;)

Helen said...

Congradulations ladies!
Have a lovely, fun vacation!!

Hudyna said...

I really won .. I'm very happy and it's my best gift to my !!! Thank you very very much.
Enjoy a wonderful holiday, full of new ideas into your wonderful kits:-)

Antoaneta said...

Have a splendid vacation, JJ!
Congrats, girls!

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies!!!

Have a wonderful vacation with your family!!

Abeille :-)

Stéphanie said...

Congrats girls !
And JJ ... enjoy your vacation !! ;-)

Ramona said...

Congratulations Ladies!!

Fantstic photos of your little angel Lily!!

Have a wonderful vacation with your lovely family :)

Big Hugs,

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