Saturday, November 7, 2009

and more coupons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello hello

here are some more coupons
5 coupons 5$ each

one per person please !!!


Buy Here


Linsey said...

Thanks so much for the coupon!!:)))

Floeckchen Design said...

OOhhhhh Wow I can´t belive it!!!!
I have one Coupon.
Thanks soooo much Lily.


Wylde Ivy said...

Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to your new kit!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I got it ! Thank you very very very much !!! xoxo I love your design !!!

photomagic247-web said...

DARN! Missed AGAIN! Thanks for the chance . . . maybe next time! Hugs!

Nancy said...

I don't understand how the coupons work. I go shop in your store and enter the coupon code from your blog and if I got the coupon the total price of my order for your stuff will go down by $5.00? And if not, that's why I get the message saying "sorry, unavailable?" Thanks for explaining so maybe I will do it right next time.

Solysombra said...

to late, as always, France might be so far away...
Thanks for the chance

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