Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CT call


We are looking for new members to add to our CT

the requirements:

-at least 1 lo per new kit
-post at 3 galleries ( DST A5D ( our store) and one more to choose)
-participation at Ct forum

To apply

Please leave a comment on our blog
with the link to your gallery and your name

deadline : January 15 2009

We especially would like to see LO made with our kit ;)

Thank you !!!!

If you like our designs, please join a Lily Designs Facebook group here
This is a open group for all our friends.

project 365 by JJ


Vavie974 said...

you make so beautiful works!! bravo!! if you are interested by me dont hesitate it would be such an honnor to work for you! ^^

LizzyFizzy said...

what a dream gig!! best of luck with your call!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow your work is stunning
here are my name
and my gallery

WendyW said...

I'd love to apply!

Here's a link to my gallery at DST:


Wendy Wessel (WendyW)
wendywscraps at yahoo dot come

Schokomama said...

i love your designs!
I would like to ct. my galery in dst:
and my e-mail:
I look forward to answer.
sorry my bad english.
greetings ela

Cynthia said...

I'd love to join your team!!

Here's my gallery:

It would be an honor to work with you!

Nicole said...

Oh I would love to be creative for you! Love your designs!

Here is my DST gallery:

And a Layout using your stuff:

Hugs, Nicole

mone said...

OMG what a great call!
this would be one of my dream ct´s

so here is my gallerie

thanks for looking

hugs mone

Little Yancey Family said...

Ooo I love your stuff so much! It would be amazing to be on your CT. My most complete gallery would probably be my blog

Little Yancey Family said...

Oops, my name is Rachel, aka Harmonystar

Miranda Buijs said...

I would love to be part of your CT!
My name is Miranda Buijs
my gallery:

a page with your kit

My email:

my blog:

good luck with your call!

Heather said...

My name is Heather and I am a hybrid and digital LO artist; here is my information:

1. hedderlee
2. my gallery:
3. email addy: hi_c74 at hotmail dot com

Thanks for considering me.

MaryPop said...

Ja się mogę bardzo nieśmiało polecić! Byłoby to wielkie spełnienie moich marzen... ale wiem, ze sie dopiero ucze:D pozdrawiam

moja galeria:

domad said...

ohhh yes .. thanks for this great chance

here are my name


and my gallery

here one of many lo´s from your design


Maike said...

i love your designs

my name is maike

here my gallerie

and my blog


hugs maike

marianne said...

yet another hopeful applicant :)

my gallery

my sreen name is maz

Anja said...

wow great Call!I love your Design!
here my Gallery:

greetings Anja

Shawtyp said...

my name is Heather aka shawtyp and I would love, love, love to be a ct for you. Here is a link to my gallery:

Thank you for taking the time to consider me :)

elodie0212 said...

Wow Awesome Call my Name is Elodie I would love to be in your CT it will be a honnr for me!!!
here is my Gallerie
i crossed my fingers!!!

Kawouette said...

My name is Laëtitia...

My galery:

Celenka said...

Hi girls,
I love your design so much...I'd like to be your CT member...
My name is Lenka aka Celenka.
Here is my DST gallery:
and here is my new blog:
Thank you for chance Kimla!

Nia said...

I'd like to join your ct member. Your designs are amazing! Here is my gallery at DST:

JanettD. said...

Hello dears,
I would really LOVE to be in our CT!
It is really a dream gig.
And here is my Gallery to DST

Happy to hear from you
xoxo JanettD.

Jessi said...

What a great chance - my absolutely dream! i love your design so much and work a lot with it.
to be at your CT would be so *wooohoo* for me. Here is my gallery:
Hope to hear from you:


Chantal said...

WOw what a great Call, I really love your designs and have made a few Layouts with your Kits!

My Gallery:

Have a great day!


Novaczka said...

Przy takiej konkurencji, to nie wiem czy mam szansę, ale chętna jestem... jak najbardziej :) moje prace na ogół znacie, ale i tak na blog zapraszam ;)
Pozdrawiam :)

Vanessa said...

Oh wow, can`t believe this, thank you for that great chance!!! WOW!!!!

My Name on DST is Vanessa06
Here is my DST Gallery -->

and here my most favorite LO with your amazing stuff -->

Would be soooo great to be part of your team!!!

Jamie said...

This is definitely a dream gig, to work with you would be sweet!

Jamie Seaward aka newfiemountiewife


Page with your stuff:

Good luck with the call!
Jamie :)

s.guthoerl said...

What an amazing chance...... that would be a great dream.

My Gallery (name: s.guthoerl):

thank you

snoopinette said...

I'd really love creating for you, Lily!...

Here's my DST gallery:



Littlefoot said...

woow that must be a dream, I really love your design. I'm Michaela aka littlefoot and I would like to be a part of your team.
Here is a link to my gallery

Irenchen said...

Wohooo, I´ve waiting on this call. I love your stuff.
my gallery:

a page with your stuff:


annyes59 said...

Hi! I would looove to be part of your team!!! Here's the link to my DST gallery: - the link to my blog:
Good luck with your call!
Agnès (annyes59)

JamieG said...

Looks like some pretty amazing talent has already applied. LOVE your work and would love to work with you. My name is Jamie and here is a link to my DST gallery.
Best of luck with your call
jamiedenise (at)

Flora said...

wow amazing call..Hello My name is Flora also known as scrappin43sweetchics here is the link to my gallery at DST :

Good luck with your call..I see you already have an amazing response..
Hugs, Flora

Christie said...

I would love to work with your products. Here is my gallery:

Thanks for considering me,
Christie (Jacc)

Anonymous said...

What a great Call! I love your Kits.

My Gallery:
I am Aska - in Web and in RealLife.

My Scrapworks are a little bit different in the Reason of that I am a Nature- and Animalscraper.

I would be happy getting part of your Team and scrapping with your Kits. Showing the Kits from you wit none-children-photos

Anonymous said...

Hi JJ and Kimla,

wow - you made a dream-call!!
Ok, I think, I don´t have a chance, but no try - no luck :) So I try to be a little part of your great CT-Team :)

My Name:
Mrs.Ela (Ela)

and my gallery:

and here is one LO from me with your kit "by the sea":

Thank´s so much,

Topsi said...

I would love to be part of your CT
my Name Topsi and my gallery:

Anonymous said...

You really have gorgeous work, I would really love to apply!
If you click on my name, it should take you to my blog with my most recent works.
If you want to see my gallery at DST, here is the link
Thanks for going through my application.

chengie at g mail dot com

Angela said...

Yor Kits are so beautiful, i love your work.
My Name by DST are DarkAngel1984 and here is the link to my gallery
sorry for my bad english.
greetings angela

Sakura said...

your are a great designerin
my Name is Daniela and my gallery at DST find you here:
my email is:

sorry for my bad english

KimberlyRae said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!I'd love to apply! I Adore your work!! ox
My name is KimberlyRae
My Gallery Link
I appreciate you considering my talents and using them to create with your Brilliant work.

AgataMg said...

Widzę, że konkurencja jest przeogromna. Ale w końcu do odważnych świat należy, prawda? Więc i ja zgłaszam się do Waszego CT. To byłby prawdziwy zaszczyt.

Moja galeria -

Pozdrawiam, Agata

df12wife said...

I would love to get creative with your amazing kits. Here is my most complete gallery:

Omega021 said...

I totally love your stuff!!
I'd love to apply!! :)

Here the link to my DST Gallery:

Thanks so much for looking!!

Mag T said...

Woow it's a fantastic call
My name is Magali ( Mag T)i'm french

And my gallery

Tina said...

I really love your work. My name's Tina [nzmumof4] and here's my gallery.
and here's a page I created using your kit.
Thanks and good luck with your call!

Petu said...

wooooooooow this is super call , my name is Petra aka petu and my gallery :

.meg said...

It would be a honor to work with your gorgeous designs!!
My name is Meg.
My gallery can be viewed
There are several pages using your designs in my gallery but the newest one can be viewed

Thanks so much for the chance to apply!! Have a wonderful day!

Krakatuka said...

Really great call! I love your design!

My DST Gallery

Katya(aka Krakatuka)

Anonymous said...

I love your kits!
It´s wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I try a vacancy in its CT!

Name: Waléria Elisa



LelaFleet said...

OMGOSH! Wow your work is amazing! I would be honored to be on your team!!
Here is my gallery

Good Luck with your call!

drdigiscrap said...

What a great call! I would love to be on your CT!

My name is Diana, screen name drdigiscrap. Here's my Gallery:

peni nasrudin fahmi said...

I would like to apply! here is my DST gallery:

I hope I can join your team...
Hugs, Peni

Anonymous said...

I really want to apply with you, because I do love your designs so much, they are really gorgeous and I love scrapping with them. I am such a big fan of your designs, and I would love to be in your CT to promote your designs! My name ist angels2003 at DST..

My gallery link at DST is:

I can't wait to hear back from you, it would be a dream for me, if you choose me!


Ancsika said...

Wow,this is great call! I love your designs.

My name is Ancsika.

Here my gallery:

todido said...

what a great call! I love your work:) I'm a little different like the most, but I would like to be there:)
my gallery at DST:

my e-mail: tothdiana78 at freemail dot hu.

thanks and hugs

Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

I love these photos honey!!! Lots of luck with your call, your amazing and I just know you are going to have a wonderful turn out!

Melly said...

wow great call,love your designs
my name is Melly and here mine gallery

Cali said...

Hi, my name is Aurélie aka Cali.
Here's link to my gallery :

Sandra said...

I would be stupid if i didnt leave you a comment here, cause i absolutely adore your designs! :)
DST and A5D nickname: FrkEdwards
Link to A5D gallery:
Link to DST gallery:

Best of luck with your call :)

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Czekałam na Wasz CT call ale jest tak, jak się niestety spodziewałam, jesteście zasypane podaniami :)
Gdyby znalazło się u Was miejsce i dla mnie, bardzo bym była z tego powodu szczęśliwa.
Tutaj jest link do mejej galerii:
A tutaj dwie prace z Waszych zestawów:

Kuznyec said...

WOw! great call, thanks for the chance!
My DST gallery:


Miheda said...

wow, this is a great chance for me. Thank you so much. Here is my DST Gallery:


dorota said...

Spróbuję i ja :) Może stanie się kolejny cud? ;)
Moja galeria:

Pozdrawiam, Dorota

Windgefluester said...

WOW what for a dream gig! i love your designs!!!!!

my Name is Nicole
here is my DST link

Love nicole

Melanie said...

Yeahh now you make the Call.Wonderful and i love your Stuffs.
Here my Link:

Cheers Laviconi

JaK-Line said...

Woow, so great Call... thx for the change...

My Name: JaK-Line

My Galerie:

And my Blog:

My Mail:

Iris said...

WOW, love your photo! Wonderful!
And I also love your work!
Here is my name: iris312
my gallery at DST:

Mag said...

Wooooow, thanks for chance,
here is my DST gallery:


myborkova said...

I'd love to join your team!!

Here's my gallery:

It would be an honor to work with you!

Marina (aka Myborkova)

Manuela said...

Oh, your Kits are so great. I love them.

My Galerie by DST:

Here a page with your kit:

Hugs, Manuela

Bibime said...

hello lily,

OMG... this is a very amazing call. your stuff is great,i love it.

my name is Bibime

here is my bloglink :

and my gallerylink:

thanks for the wonderful chance, i´m very glad i can work for you!!!!!

hugs bibime

joshi_82 said...

wow, what a great call. love your stuff and would be so happy to be creative for you. here is the link to my gallery:

My name is Anja (joshi_82 is my username).

Good luck with your call

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

This is one awsome call and of course I could not pass this! :) So here you have a link ot my most complete gallery at DST:

Here's one of my favorite pages using your goodies:

Also love the photo for today, that is one amazing shot. Fab job!

Thanks, petra a*k*a milo82

Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

Hey sweetpea heres a link to my gallery and and Im my3hens Lots of luck, I know you are gonna be super swamped with this one, hugs!

Magdula said...

Ja również zgłaszam się do CT... uwielbiam zestawy Lili są piękne... to dla mnie Wielki zaszczyt

mój blog

moja galeria na DST:

anifa said...

no to i ja się zgłaszam :D mój blog

Centa said...


I love your work! And it would be great if I can work for you.

My name is Centa

on my blog are two LO with the "Secret Garden"

here is my Gallery

julydesigns said...

Wow, what a great opportunity!!!!!
My name is Julie (Julydesigns)
Here my blog:

here my galery at DST :

I really like all your products and I hope to have my chance.

See you soon.

july13650 at gmail dot com

Tracy said...

Wowl what a fantastic opportunity! Here is my DST gallery - Thank You!

Pünktchen said...

Hello dears,
my name is Nadine and I would really LOVE to be in your CT!
It is really a dream gig.
And here is my link to DST

Aline Charpinel said...

Hi dear!!!

I love your style! I love your work!!!!
Thanks for chance!
My gallery link:

A lo with your products:

thank you!!!!


Aline Charpinel

Anonymous said...

What a great Chance, thanks for this, my name in www always is MissMinx, in real Life is Sabrina.

Here is my DST Gallery:

my Email:

I really love your Design!

Anonymous said...

hello! I love your kits and would be a part of your CT. Here is the link to one of my galeries:

my email:
nice regards, Sonja

Lisadee said...

This isn't my main gallery (yet) but this is where I have posted my page "Magic Water" ... made entirely with your Secret Garden 1 kit .... your work is beautiful, thank you for this opportunity ... Lisa.

Lu Marinho said...

wow i loved your Work
my name
Lu Marinho
and my gallery

thank you for chance!!

Ariane said...

I'd love being in such talented team!!! Here is my gallery:

Thanks for the chance!!!
My email:

jane-karta said...

I'm going to try happiness. I would like to be with you only at least as a guest. I like your creativity and work. Sorry for bad English, using a translator.

DST gallery:

Name: jane-karta, Jana

pepeetje said...

Great call, I love to try it to.
Your designs are very beautiful.

My name is Petra.
and here is the link to my gallery

nitka said...

Hi girls! Great call! Just for fun I apply, I am sure, you will have plenty of applications
my gallery

Beckie said...

I am Such a Fan of your beautiful designs!!!

Would love the chance to create for you, thanks for looking at my gallery :)

xoxo BECKIE ~ beckiewallace ~ lillypug34

Elke said...

I love your kits!!!
So I´ld like to apply:

My Name is Sundri/Elke
and here is my galery:

These LO are made using your stuff:

Волшебница said...

It would be great to be on your CT.
My name is Marina
My gallery:
My blog:

Cristina Tonon said...

I'd love to apply!
My name is Cristina
Here's a link to my gallery at SA

akiloune said...

Wow what a fantastic call !! It's a dream to be part of your team !!

Here's my gallery :

My name is akiloune and I'm french.
Thank you for the chance ! I love your designs ! :)

sahlink (aka: Krista) said...

OH my... oh my... I have been waiting for your call!! YAY!!

Your things are SO beautiful, and I would LOVE to create more things for you!!

My gallery is here:

A layout I've done with "Cute as a Button":

My email:

Anonymous said...

Wow,so much comments...I never have a chance,but I try!
I´m Rory,from Germany and it would be the greatest to be in your CT.
Here is my DST-Gallery:

Justyna said...

Dziewczyny, to mój link do galerii i dziś będzie tam kolejna praca z waszego zestawu:


FourMommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FourMommy said...

I would love to be creative for you! Love your designs!

Here`s my Gallery

My Name is Vany...

Hugs Vany

Mell Caetano said...

I love your style... I love your work! ;)
Thanks for chance.
My gallery link:



Emilia - ema79 said...

Ja także zgłaszam się do Waszego CT. Byłabym zaszczycona:)
Moja galeria


Joanne said...

Your work is fabulous! I would love to be a part of your CT! Here is a link to my gallery:
Best of luck with your search.
Joanne aka JoHubb.

Kenna's Designs said...

Your work is beautiful.
Here is my link: - Caroline (Kenna's Designs aka luvmkids)

Maike said...

wow over 100 comments... and know one more ;-)

My name is Maike and here is my gallery:

Please pick me... i love your Stuff... your Kits are soooo wonderful!!!

Hugs Maike

kiwicpk said...

kiwicpk and a link to my gallery at DTS is here -

Anonymous said...


Sorry if this is not the place to mention this, but I just spent over $50 on merchandise from After Five, including one of your kits, and after completing the transaction I realized the kits are not available for download.

Am I going to receive them by regular mail? I live in Nicaragua! I'll have to wait about a month to get them IF I ever get them because the local postal service is very unreliable.

Is there a way for me to cancel the order and get a reimbursement?

Please help.


люда said...

ООО!It is my dream!

my gallery
my blog:
Thanks for the chance .

Lele said...

My name: Lele Sordili
My gallery:

Kaetter84 said...

Ooooh great!!! Thank you for this chance... I LOVE YOUR DESIGN!!!!

my name is


and my gallery is

thanks and best luck with your call


Jeanne said...

I would be thrilled to be considered, I love your designs


Ramona said...

i love your designs!
I would like to ct.
my galery in dst: and my 4images Galerie
my Blog:
and my e-mail:
I look forward to answer.
sorry my bad english.
greetings Ramona

Delmik said...

I love your designs!!!
My name is Tanya (Delmik Design)
My blog:
and my gallery at DST:

Libca said...

wow great Call!I love your Design!
here my Gallery:
Thank you for chance!


Andreya said...

I love your design so much.I'd like to be your CT member.
My name is Andrea aka Andreya.

Here is my DST gallery:

Thank you for this great chance, Kimla.


Iriweb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iriweb said...

Hi ladies,

I love your work soo much!
I wanna be in your CT team :-)

My name is Iri aka Iriweb.
Here is my gallery:

Thank you!


Cherry said...

Wow what a dream :) Love your Kits...

here's my gallery @ DST

and @ afterfive designs:

and my Lo made with one of your Kits:

my mail:

and my blog:

Thanks for the chance:)

Kelly said...

Ooh, it would be so thrilling to be on your CT. Your work is the best.
Here is my gallery at DST:
My email:
Thanks ladies!
Kelly (user name: kkklatt)

Erin said...

WOW.....uh...that would be one of my DREAM gigs.

I am Erin
screen name: chickypow

My Fave LO using your work:

Carena said...

My gallery after5

and digitals

Carena -

jeepmama said...

one more in this very long list!!! What an awesome opportunity. I love your work.

My name is Angie, my forum name is jeepmama. My largest gallery is at Scrap Orchard ( and LOs with your work are at my A5D gallery (

Thanks for the chance and best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I love your work, and would certainly love being on your team!

Here is link to my gallery

My name is Celine aka Scapa

Good luck on your call, I guess you'll get a zillion applies...;-) And thanks for the opportunity!

Jen said...

OMGosh! So many people have left messages already!!!
Well- here it goes... my name is Jen (JenJ in all the galleries) and here is a link to my DST gallery:

-I'm so nervous now LOL! Thanks for the opportunity... * fingers crossed*

ß°þþìë said...

Yeah what a call!
Here's my gallery

Sophia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

This is beautiful!
Check me out here

Sophia said...

I LOVE your designs!!!
Here's my DST gallery:

My pages with "Cute as a Button" and "White Chocolate"
Thank you!
Sophia Izuta

Anonymous said...

your designs are amazing.
I only just now cam across you and from the little tht I have seen it is great.

link to my gallery

my email

Thanks a lot

Mandy Rae

-KrYsTaL- said...

I LOVE your work!! I would love to be on your CT!!

My Gallery is

I have some pages with your kits! =)

Tabalina said...

Oh, I just LOVE your work !!!

My DST Gallery:

My Blog:

My Name: Tabalina (Michaela)

Good luck with your Call !!!

Ronja said...

I love your work and i would be happy beiing Part of your CT
Here is my Galerie at DST


zwyck said...

I love your design!
my name is
and here´s my gallery

Sandra said...

wow this call is fantastic, my name at DST is Julismama and here is my Galery LInk

Greetings sandra

Saira2007 said...


Your making such amazing works in digital scraps. Im fazinated. I have some Lo´s with ur thing in my Gallery. (isnt she beautiful or little angel)
Im leaving u my Gallerielink:

and my Blog:

Thanks for this increadble chance

Saira2007 said...

sorry the link is not showned aright
my name there Saira2007

now is Better :-)

Karin said...

OMG, I LOVE your Designs!!!!!
I´d so love to join your fabulous Team!!!

Here´s the Link to my DST-Gallery:

Karin (aka Sunshine)
lausemama at yahoo dot de

moments-photography said...

Great gig, and I love your designs!!!
Good luck with your call, here is my gallery...

my nickname is dodo74 and my real name is doreen...

Goldi said...

Oh...what a great call!
I love to play with your kits ...they are so wonderful and creativ.
Here the link to my galerie at DST:
And here a layout with your last kit.
Here another:

Thank you for the chance!

Anonymous said...

What a great call!
I love to play with your kits...they are so wonderful and creativ!
Here is my galerie at DST:
Here a layout with your kit :
Here another:
Thank you for the chance!
Greetings Chris

Inas-Scrap-Blog said...

Rear one, I loves your Design and much for you would be creative.

Birgit said...

Oh my what a great call... my name is Birgit and I would love to be in your team :)

This is my gallery

elliemeachem1 said...

Hellooo. wowww what a chance, my name is ellie meachem and my after five gallery is here... and my dst gallery is here... i would LOVE to help promote your designs i have all your kits except one now! I love your designs thanks for the

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Denise Bailey my email addy is
here is a link to a couple pages using your kit
and a link to my gallery

Kerstin said...

What a great call!
I would like to be a part of your team and I linke to work with your great stuff!
Thanks for the chance!
and here is my link:


Vany® Qualtieri said...

Hi girls!! My name is Vany Qualtieri and i would loooove to be part of your team.. your design is really stunning and i love to scrap making friends...

This is my DST's gallery link:

Tks for the chance... you really rock!!!


Scrappy Smile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scrappy Smile said...

Hi!!! My nick is Scrappy Smile, my real name Elin Fjellheim. My gallery is here:
You are sooo talented and I am looking in your store almost daily, feels like Disneyland to me!!! Well, I wanted to apply for the CT call too. I guess the chances are really small - but if I don't try, I won't even know and I would only regret not applying!!! Hihi... ;-) Great blog, shop and designs! Good luck choosing - I'm guessing you will get soooo many talented ladies to choose from! :-D

Kim Johnson said...

Hi there!
Kim Johnson here hoping and praying to be considered! ;) I just recently found your beautiful work, but I will try very hard to get a page up using your designs before the 15th!
DST gallery link:
Thanks for the oportunity!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great chance!

I would be great to be in your team.

My name:


my gallery with two layouts from your design:



šlajerka said...

Hi Lilly,
I would like to be on your CT! Your work is great! Thanks for the chance to be on your CT!
My name is Marketa and nick slajerka.
Here is my gallery:

Kasiek said...

I dream about working with you
My name: kasia4321
And link to my gallery:

seni said...

hello, thanks for the chance.
my name is seni
here is my galery:

here is m blog:

Anonymous said...

here is my galery:


Yhalos said...

Ok, this is an awesome call. Best of luck to all..My gallery...

Thanks for the opportunity...Blessings

Юлия said...

Your works greatly please me! My name Julia!
My gallery

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to my gallery at DST:

I really like your design


EDIT said...

Because of a stalker I had to delete my whole gallerie, but I build it up again right now... I hope you can see my style throuh these few pages... if you wanna see more, just send me a PM at DSt and I´ll send you some :)
I would love to be on your team!
I am in the CT of amanda r, createwings and newlife. And I am guesting for catherine designs, sussie m. and mk designs right now.
My name is Melanie, I´m 24 years old and this is my gallery:

Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Waouhh!! I've never tried to be part of CR, but I admit that I am delighted to be part of yours! I know I produced more ct page too but I still gallery
And a blog here...

So ... i try !!

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
I love your work and i'll be very happy if i can join your CT!
Here's my gallery DST for CT and i've got other on scrap-gratuit and digiscrapmania
and you can see all my stuff on my blog
thank you so much

Blauerose said...

What a wonderful chance!!! Here is my gallery:
I hope, you will give me a chance and I can work in your wonderful CT!
Brigitta (blauerose1)

angelique said...

Hi !
i see your message for your appel for ct call
I'm interessted by your appel for your ct call.
i scrap 3 years now.
my blog is :

i have 3 gallery


Phoebe said...

Woohoo!! How exciting!! Your work is always gorgeous!!
Here's the link to my most complete gallery:
My name is Phoebe, username PhoebeJo on the net, and I am currently on the AC Bailey DT, Traci Murphy CT, Dianne Rigdon's CT, and Jodie McNally's CT.
Good luck with your call!!

Cheryl said...

Your designs are fantastic, and I would delighted and honored to create for you!

My name is Cheryl ~ gallery user name is gonewiththewind.

This is the link to my DST Gallery:
This is a link to a layout made with Lily Designs:
caught kissin'

You can view my digi scrapping resume here: RESUME.

My contact email is cashcraftATmchsiDOTcom.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I look forward to hearing from you.

mijo said...

Wow...great call.

I want to apply me, too. Here the link to my gallery:

Yvonne alias mijo

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a part of your team!!! I love your designs!!!! What a talent you are! I've been bogged down with work and the holidays the past month, but you can see the vast majority of my work at DST. Is this the right blog to post in??? name is Kathi Townzen and work under kathitownz. Thanks for your consideration!

Anonymous said...

Oooops! I forgot to leave a link:
Here it is!:

Thanks again for your consideration...
Kathi Townzen

Calypso said...

Nie wiem czy to jeszcze nie za późno na moje zgłoszenie ale spróbować muszę bo bardzo podobają mi się Twoje zestawy. Są przepiękne i takie nastrojowe. Badzo podoba mi się Twój styl. Mam na imię Katarzyna mój nick to Calypso( dawniej kasienka25)
Mój blog
Moja jedna z kilku galerii
Dziękuję za jakąkolwiek odpowiedź
Pozdrawiam serdecznie

Cintia Tavares said...

Hello, my gallery

my name's Cintia.


Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to be creative for you! Love your designs!
my nick kacir
name krista
my galery:

miney777 said...

I really like your work, and it would be my great honor to be your great creative team :-) My name is Lenka, miney777 nickname and my gallery at DST is here:

Celenka said...

I just wrote, but I have not proved my Lo from your kits.... so once again:

My name is Lenka aka Celenka. I'm from czech republic. I love your design sooo much!

My gallery:

JARKA said...

Woow, fantastic call!!

I really love your design!

my name: Jarmilka
link tu my gallery at DST:

Thanks for the chance

Dvorajda said...

I would love to be creative for you!

My gallery on DST :

Thanks for looking


Calypso said...

Dołączam scrapa wykonanego z waszego zestawu

Calypso said...

I'm sorry for my polish, I should write in english( I'm sorry but it isn't very good) It's my dream to be in yours CT.I love yours designs!
My name is Calypso
My blog
and here you find my LO with yous kit
My gallery

Lauren Pieters said...

wow lily! you have a big task in front of you!


my gallery at msa:

i own several of your kits - i mix and match stuff and i would give scrappers a different look at your designs - my style is more clean - but it shows how great kits don't have to have everything used in them at one time.

I hope you find the perfect team!

Milka said...

Heloo,my name si Mila aka Kafickova.I love your stuff and design.Thanks for your chance.
Here is my DST gallery.

Jhyll said...

Wow! Would LOVE to be considered. Your kits are truly AMAZING :)
You can see some of my lo's here.

Monika said...

I looove your design.
my name: chantalsmama


Jenn said...

I think your designs are fabulous and I'd love to be a part of your team. I love working with your stuff and am excited by the opportunity. Here is my gallery at DST: and please do not hesitate to contact me for more info. :)

Megan said...

I'd love to be a part of your team!

Here's my gallery:


Adriana said...

I would love to apply to this kit! I love your designs, just like a lot of other people and I would be more than happy to be able to make beautiful pages to promote them!

Here is my gallery at DST:

And here is a link to a LO using your designs:

Mandi N. said...

I love your designs!!! 100% original definitely my favorites!!!

Name: Mandi
Username: MandiN

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i love your designs! And just in time
Here is my gallery :

Alice aka juliegoodgirl

Jenna {Sweeet} said...

oooh my goodness, look at all the applications, how wonderful. I would like to throw my name into the hat LOL...

Jenna {aka: Sweeet}
My Gallery: (for some reason I cannot access DST tonight)

My Blog:

Lime said...

Your work is amazing. My name is Lime and my gallery at DST is here

Thank you.

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