Monday, September 26, 2011

Lucky winner !


first of all I would like to thank you for all beautiful wishes! It is so nice to read it and feel positive energy !

What I would like to wish for myself


well some time ago I have decided I want to be happy again ;)

be happy no mater what

and try to understand why life sometimes is as it is
instead how it is suppose to be


Kiss your life.
Accept it, just as it is.
So that those moments of happiness
you're waiting for don't pass you by.

~Philip Bosman

I love this comment :
"Everyone is born with his own star, everyone has their month and day. Children born in the winter - like white sparkling snowflakes. Children born in the spring - is very similar to the sound of the drops and a track from the lily of the valley. Children born in the summer bright as children of the sun with rainbow soul. Children born in the autumn - like golden leaves that fun swirling. I wish You a great ring of gold leaf, joy in the soul, of lightness in the relationship and the diverse experiences of life. "

Thank you

I randomly selected one person among all your fabulous comments

this person is



Please e mail me at
and I will send you the coupon ;)

If you wonder what I got myself for birthday ;)

here it is

me new chair

(found at Homegoods ;))

Please come back on Thursday to see my WonderFall kit
and another chance to win it

plus I will have some free coupons waiting for you ;)Link

Love you



Madeline said...

Wow!Love the photos and the chair is very nice:) Have a nice day...xoxo

jaycee51 said...

Congrats to the lucky winner your photos!

Paola said...

Happy belated birthday Lily!! I love the beautiful picturs...gorgeous!

anae said...

joyeux anniversaire lily, dimanche, moi j'ai fêté l'anniversaire de ma petite fille née le 24 09. bravo pour le kit et merci pour la chance

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