Wednesday, September 15, 2010

follower nr 800 Shannon!

My blog has a follower nr 800! wow

thank you everybody !

I would like to give 50$ coupon to Shannon for the lucky nr 800!

Please e mail me and I will send you the coupon ;)

I hope you enjoy photos of Emily in Autumn outfits

I will have something new for you next week !

see you !


Abeille said...

Aww congrats Shannon!! She's soo sweet!! Really great photo!!

OliO said...

Wonderful photo! Such beautiful rich colors!

monicn said...

Beautiful photo!!!

Antoaneta said...

I can't miss to say, awesome outfit, I like your stile :-) But your daughter is sooooo beautiful model! And the pic is gorgeous!

Helen said...

Adorable and snuggy warm!! great photo too, as always :)
You are very sweet!
Congrats Shannon!!

Nataliya Zima said...

Wonderful photo! This is just absolutely beautiful!

Patita said...

Beautiful Photo! I love this blog!!!

Lana said...

Congrats to Shannon!!!

And your daughter is cute, wonderful pic :)

nath59 said...

your daughter is very beautiful !!! congratulations to shannon !!!

have a good sunday !!!

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