Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute as a button and Freebie !!!!

lo by she
lo by sortjuh77

Hello ;)

Is your baby cute as a button ?!

I am sure she or he is !

Your baby will look just beautiful
in our newest kits
Cute as a Button !

Kimla and I have decided to create something similar to the original Cute as a button that was sold as one of ours first kits in A5D
and some elements from the previous kit give you for free ;)

I also added tittle something extra to the collab kit with Kimla

this is my
Cute as a Button
add on


Thursday - Friday

Jun 10 - Jun 11
reg price


and here is a collab with Kimla

Cute as a button


Thursday - Friday

Jun 10 - Jun 11
reg price


check out Kimla's beautiful add on

lo by Wendy85

lo by Lusy

lo by Wendy85

lo by Lusy

lo by Irina Krylova

lo by Elisa

lo by Jootie

lo by Jootie

lo by Justka7777

lo by Justka7777

lo by Katen4ek

lo by Kimla

lo by Magdalena

lo by Todido

lo by Irenchan

lo by Anetka

lo by heather

lo by Stepko

lo by Stepko

lo by Akizo

lo by Akizo

lo by Jootie

lo by Natalka

lo by Lindatjuhhh

lo by Lindatjuhhh

lo by Olga Unger

do you remember Cute as a button ??
One of our firs kits created with Kimla? It is not available for purchase any more but we have decided to pick few elements and give it to you for free!!!

Form these of you who during happy hour (Jun 10-11 2010) will buy our collab Cute as a Button we will pick one person who will receive 100% one time use discount coupon to our stores!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also pick 3 girls to send 6.99$ coupons to on Monday. all you have to do is leave a nice comment here ;)

I leave 4 coupons here - 10 $ each ;)

hurry up
code : lovelily


sherrylyn said...

Awww.. miss the coupon! Your new kit is so wonderful! Thanks for the chance.

twomama said...

WOW!!! Very beautiful kit!

OrianaV. said...

Oh wow, everyone was fast!
I didn't make it on time, but thanks for the chance to win
The kit is lovely!

Jitka said...

Amazing, amazing! Love your work - all is really beautiful. Thank you for the chance and the freebie!
But I couldn´t use the coupone :( I was so fast but as I can see here are fastest than me :)

OliO said...

Lovely kit!!!! Thank you for the chance!!!!

Jud565 said...

Love the new kit! Bet it'll be just as adorable as the original kit! :D

Rebecca said...

This is ADORABLE!!!!! Thank you so much for the chance!!!

Madeline said...

Absolutely amazing kit!! I missed the coupon too...Thanks for the chance..xoxo

ChrissyC said...

Oh I want this gorgeous kit sooo much!!! thank you so much for my chance...
hugggs ChrissyC

Anonymous said...

The kit is fabulos, wonderful. I was lucky today, for more then a hour I was refreshing your page and I catched the cupon. Thanks a lot.

lmjrocko said...

wonderful kit!

Abeille said...

Hi Lily

I don't know what happen I use the coupon and the total -0- but when I clic on checkout the coupon will missing :-(

Your new kit is just sooo stunning!! Yout rock girls and thand for the freebie!!

Traumelfe said...

Wow! So amazing kit!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Iriweb said...

wow, this is absolutely fantastic. Love the braun colors! Wonderful, must have everything! Thank you very much for this!

Leilani said...

Outstanding work!! Love the CT's LOs too. Thank you for the goodies.

татьяна Yshko said...

Wow! Set just incredibly cool! I love the subtle colors are perfect! Beautiful color! I am happy that he managed to coupon! Thank! Your new kit is great !!!!!

natyi said...

Thank you for this another chance,kit is really sooo cute and lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful kit! Thank you for the chance!!!!

Irina said...

Lovely, really cute kit! Thank you for the chance!

iamb said...

well, I always miss you coupon, even if I go there the minute it hits my news reader... don't know why.. oh well:) You make the most whimsical, lovely kits, thanks so much for making it fun for us to try and win one:)

Inna said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!It simply improbably is beautiful! A tremendous set!!! I do not have words!!! Thanks for chance to win!!!

LOLA said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! this kit is absolutely fantastic!!! gorgeous pages too!

Thanks for the chance!

Olga said...

Lovely kit!!!! Thank you for the chance!!!!

faabie fabula said...

wonderful kit!

Love your work this is beautiful!!
Thank you for the chance!

Карамелька said...

So beautiful!!! Very beautiful!!!! So much!!!! Thanks for this chance !!!!!!

Карамелька said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JetjeZ said...

I totally love this cute kit and thank you for your generosity for the freebie! I love it.

Ewik said...

Lily, świetne zestawy i Twój i collab z Kimlą! Dziękuję pięknie za freebie, fajnie sobie przypomnieć Twoje niezwykłe, wcześniejsze zestawy!:)

Lelishna said...

***mmmmm.. it's sooo sweet!..
so beautiful!.. so soft and cute!..
...lovely! lovely! lovely!..
I have no more words!.. PERFECT!!!***

Martoska said...

Fantastic kit!!! So soft colors! And more then fantastic work of your girls! Thank you! Love your work! Hugs...

monicn said...

Kocham Twoje zestawy-są fantastyczne a collab z kimlą równie piękny!Ustawiam się więc w kolejce po kupon-może tym razem mi się poszczęści :) Dziękuję również za freebie!Pozdrawiam!

Helen said...

Gorgeous kit ladies!!!
I already have the first Cute as a button of course ;)

Thanks for the chance to win it!

Big hugs

annesis said...

This is breathtaking Lily, your kits constantly blow me away!!!
... and thank you so very, very much for the lovely freebie!!!

♥ annesis ♥

Anikó said...

Fantastic kits!!!!

PrelestnayaP said...

Amazing kit! I love it! Thanks for the chance!

strawberry24 said...

oh very nice kit and great soft colors, thank you very much for the chance to win a freebie, kit looks beautiful, luxurious job as always. hugs

Scrapippi said...

Thank you very much for the freebie and the chance to win. I love your designs

Stéphanie said...

Waaaw amazing and cute kit !!!
Fantastic colors ... love it !!
Thanks againg for making yet again such a wonderfull kit ! xxx

Lenka said...

Love the new kit!
Thank you for the chance!!!!

Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RideOn said...

incredible kit!!Thanks for chance to win!

Maria said...

You made my dream come true!
.....And there I was thinking you'd forgotten about me ;)
I'm so pleased and am really chuffed by the freebie you've provided, not to mention the all-around happiness you've managed to generate in the process :D
Many thanks to you and Kimla!


P.S. I removed he comment due to a very undsightly typo. I'm sure you can understand the perfectionist in me ;)

Mamiemoi said...

wow...beautiful kit!!
thank you!!

Helen said...

Gorgeous kit!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Also I added your freebie to DSUK [ link ]

Naz said...

I am always too late for the coupons lol!! Darn Time difference!! Love your new kit!! Thanks for the chance!! xxnaz

Holly Spring said...

So wonderful... I don't have your individual kit for 'Cute as a button' so I'm buying that now :) It's gorgeous... now I will have the whole set yay! You make very beautiful kits... thanks for the chance xx

Александра said...

Incredible collab and add-on!!! Wonderful pages of your CT!

mathildescrap said...

thanks for the free kit !
and congrats for this new big kit ! lovely and sweet !

jasjul said...

The kit is awesome Lily, each one get better and better. I love your work

Pacina said...

Wow,fantastic,I love the braun color!Thank you very much for this!

ЕЛЕНА said...

So much beauty in one day! Thank you very much for the freebie!
And thanks for the chance to win, I really hope that someday, and I'm feeling lucky))
I wish you excellent weekend!

Roper said...

Amazing work ladies! This kit is absolutely gorgeous, you can touch and feel the softness. Thanks for the great freebie and chance to win.

Roper said...

Amazing work ladies! This kit is absolutely gorgeous, you can touch and feel the softness. Thanks for the great freebie and chance to win.

ok.borovikova said...

WOW, that is great so!!! I in a delight from a new kit!!! He is magic, air, and very tender, done with love! I him already very want:)
I first time participate in so new for me measure.
I generally people are not lucky, but really want to take a chance and get a coupon!

Anechka said...

Wonderful kit and amazing pages.
Thanks for the chance.

jhonkova said...

Lovely kit!!!!
Thank you so much for the chancel.

DoodleBop said...

WOW! Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie and I cannot wait to get the new kit! So beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win a coupon as well! Have a great week!

Tonaphi said...

WOW! Really splendidly. Thank you for the Freebie.
Yes they are really very sweet.
During the last 4 weeks 3 my best friends have got her babies. All girl.
One still waits, there it comes only at the beginning of July!
She also gets a girl.
Kit is really wonderful and how for it made to put the sweet babies of my friends.
Everybody gets a layout on canvas of me, with the picture of her angel.
Therefore your wonderful elements and Kits will remind for ever of a wonderful, thrilling time.
Thanks for your Creativity.
Thanks for your Beauty!


Sandy_in_MD said...

Your first Cute as a Button kit is wonderful. I am happy to hear that you've created additional pieces for it!

Eva said...

Gorgeous kit, thanks for the chance!!

Monique said...

WOW! This kit is adorable!

Roselily said...

Thank you very much for the beautiful freebie !!

Eve Lyne said...

Oh my goodness how precious is this! Cute as a button is perfect title for the kit. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful are these kits my fingers are itching my computer is too slow and kits are not downloading fast enough... Your talent is amazing.. can't wait to start creating..

Shiann said...

You are an inspiration to me! I have just about everyone of your kits. I just love your work! Thanks for the chance to win.

S said...

Thank you for the very generous freebie. Love your new colab.

Godena said...

Wow fantastic kit!

Ramona said...

OMG, another fantastic stunning kit. loooove it, as always ;)
Fantsatic pages from your CT! and love kimla's add on as well ;)

Big hUgs
Ramona (aka magicaldream)

Yelina said...

ohhh wow wow wonderful kit... love love love ^^
So fantastic collaboration !! Pages are fabulous !!
Thanks for the chance to win :)

Kyla said...

Love the watercolor tree paper in the addon. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anja said...

Oh wow! Such a gorgeous new kit! I love it! Thank you so much for the chance!

Antoaneta said...

Love that, amazing and beautiful! Good team, good work. Thank you for the freebie and for the chance!

Carolien said...

It is so sweet and cute! Amazing KIT, wonderfull things.
Really really nice!!

Hugs Carolien

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful kits. Love your design, colors and everyting. :-)
Perfect job. Thanks.

Nancy said...

thank you so much for the freebie, everything is so lovely!

LHadgis said...

I have the first Cute as a Button and actually used it to scrap all of my babies infant photos. Those are some of my absolutely favorite pages ever. I love this new Cute as a Button just as much and would be thrilled to win it! Thanks for the chance!!!

Maja said...

Dopiero dzisiaj, ale i ja też ustawiam się w kolejce... kto wie? Może tym razem szczęście uśmiechnie się do mnie :) A bardzo bym chciała, bo zestaw jest przepyszny! Wspaniała kolorystyka i niezwykle dodatki, a LO dziewczyn jedna piękniejsza od drugiej!
Buziaki i do poniedziałku...

Janka said...

so beautiful kit. you, girls are amazing together :)

thanks for the freebie and the chance to win your new kit :)

Have a nice weekend!

Gen said...

So beautiful! I love when you & Kimla join your creative forces!

Maygirl said...

oh, such a beautiful kit! thank you for the chance!

Justyna said...

Justynko, stworzyłyście z Kasią wspaniały zestaw. jestem zachwycona.

Nie będę powtarzać za innym jak wspaniały jest ten zestaw.

Napiszę tylko, że myśli moje krążą wokół dzieciństwa, widząc ten zestaw...
I przypominają mi się słowa piosenki:

muz. Majka Jeżowska, sł. Jacek Cygan

Pamiętajcie o lalkach
Zakurzonych, porwanych
Pamiętajcie o lalkach
Z każdym rokiem
Przez Was mniej kochanych

O laleczkach szmacianych
I o misiach puszystych
O konikach bujanych
Przytulankach jedwabistych

O tych, które mówiły "mama"
I o tych, które milczały
O bogatych i barwnych
I o biednych i szarych...

Ref. Pamiętajcie o lalkach
Gdy wracacie z przedszkola
Pamiętajcie! Pamiętajcie o lalkach
Kiedy wciągnie Was szkoła...
A i później w życiowej pogoni
Nie zapomnijcie o nich

Pamiętajcie o lalkach
Porzuconych na strychu
Pamiętajcie o lalkach,
Które tęsknią do Was wciąż po cichu

O pajacach bez ruchu
Żołnierzykach przegranych
O Małgośkach i Kaśkach
W sukienczynach wypłowiałych

O tych, które wciąż pamiętają
I o tych, które zapomniały
O odważnych i śmiesznych
I o smutnych i samych...

Nataliya Zima said...

This kit is totally fabulous and perfect, love it ! bravo !Thank you for the chance!

TJ said...

Beautiful kit!!! Thank you for the great freebie download.

TJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beauté said...

your kit is absolutely wonderful! as always! Thanks for the chance to win it.
Thanks too for your freebie....

Véro said...

This collab seems to be amazing !
I bought "Button" and I loved it !
Thanks for the chance

mop1727 said...

I have the original "cute as a button" and I love it so this one would be a joy to have!!!
You girls are AMAZING!

Lara´s Digi World said...

O-M-G, what a cute kit!!!! All babies on the world should be scrapped by yours beauty. Adorable elements, unique papers and incredible pages by your CT. The kit really is a must have. Thank you for everything you provide, the coupons, sales, chances to get it free by leaving a comment, but most for creating stunning kits.
Thank YOU for being such a creative artist!!!

MV Ira V said...

Very beautiful kit! Thanks for the chance.

Mirella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I realy love this kit, it is very sweet.

I wish you a wonderful week

bentonflocke said...

totally fantastic work - your stuff is amazing
thanks for the chance to win

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