Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lucky winners



How are you ? Thank you for all the awesome comments !

i picked 3 lucky winners ;)

you will receive 7.99$ coupon to my store ;)
please e mail me your address so i could send you the coupons ;)

here is little sneak peek - our family ;)

me in one of my favorite places

and our little angel ;)


Lulutoo said...

Oh my goodness--I was just about to leave a comment thanking you for sharing those pictures of your beautiful family when I realized that I won! Wow! Thank you so much. Emailing now. And those are awesome photos today. :)

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Did you know Lulutoo is my good luck charm? lol... She and I are on a winning run this week! WOOT WOOT! The pictures of you and your family are awesome... you should all be models!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh shoot, I am to late to win this adorable kit! It is just adorable and perfect for my 10 year old Grandson's scrapbook!
I enjoy your beautiful kits a lot..I just joined your Blog.
Thank you

ChrissyC said...

Oh my goodness, how did I get anonymous! ACK where is my name! LOLOLOL let me try again...

nhhell said...

Remarkable family! The wonderful husband and the beauty a daughter!

domad said...

congrats girls!! and wooow those pics are soo wonderful!

Radka said...

Hello. Thank you very much for the coupon. Did I write e-mail. Photos of your family are wonderful. I really like the color balance. Have a nice day.

Paola said...

Lily,you are so beautiful and such a stylishly dressed,your husband and sweet little star very nice and beautiful people,wish you happynes!!!
p.s.The first day your kits coming to afterfive,i never lost,coz it's always on sale,not bad ;)and thank you so much for your creativity!!!

Kirsten said...

Oh... nice pictures.. beautiful family! :-)


Traumelfe said...

Thank you so much for picked me up, Lily! I'm sooooo happy!
I sent you an e-mail.
The photos of your family are so wonderful.


Kizzy said...

What a fantastic pictures!
Great job!

Gongrats to the winners of the new kit!

Hugs, Kizzy

J-lucky et Yuricita said...

Heeey, thank you so much for sharing your nice pics! You have such a beautiful family!! I love it. ;)

Dream Big Designs said...

Wow! You truly have a gift! Those photos are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Fantastic photographs!

kylarice said...

OMG, your family is gorgeous!
congratualations ladies!

Radka said...

Hello. Thank you for the win. But I have not received a coupon, maybe my email went to the mailbox (spam-box), thank you for your answer Radka.

my e-mail is topazio(@)seznam.cz

I wrote you a message on the blog, to protect e-mail, I put the @ sign in parentheses.

Melissa said...

Congrats girls!
What a lovely family!

orachel said...

Hi there! Beautiful family!!! Just discovered your lovely kits and am trying to pick up a few things today...hopefully coupon in DST is still good. But I have a question. I'm interested in getting SussieM's Secret Garden, and she said at scrapbookgraphics that you also did a chunk of Secret Garden kit (like what you did w "take me to the old world", which I adore"). I've hunted high and low, used search function et all, and I can't find anything to do with you and Secret Garden at after five.

Did you ever do a chunk of that kit? If you see this, I'd love it if you could let me know if its available anywhere. I ADORE your 3part "old world" collab, and I'd like to collect "secret garden" but I've very little money so I'm hoping to do it while DST coupon still works, and guessing that ends today.

Thanks ever so much. I'm just teaching myself photo manip, and your kits are perfect for me!


Radka said...

Hello, thank you from the answer, but I do not know what the coupon code, I can trade in your coupon to use, because I do not know the code, thank you for the answer, Good bye Radka.

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